Planned Parenthood Los Angeles Asks you to Contact your legislator TODAY to save Family PACT!

Contact your legislator
TODAY to save Family PACT!

If you live in California, we need your help and we need it now! You can help us reach out to California legislators to ensure that Family PACT Programs are not cut!

The Governor is
attempting to solve the state’s budget crisis by cutting family planning funding.

1.   Find out who represents

Visit and enter your address–it will tell you who represents you in
the state Assembly & Senate.  Please
call both of them at their Sacramento


2.   Call BOTH your Assemblymember & Senator and read the
following script:

“Hi, my name is __________ and I
live in the district.  I’m calling to
urge the (Assemblymember/Senator) to protect the Family PACT program.  The Govenor’s proposed cut to Family PACT
would force millions of Californians to go without reliable birth control,
cancer screenings, STD testing & treatment. 
Can we count on the (Assemblymember/Senator) to oppose the Governor’s
proposed cut to family planning?”


3.   Email
to let us know who you called & how it
.  Please be sure to include
the names of the Assemblymember & Senator you called, as well as any
feedback that their staff might share with you by phone. 


Send a fax to your
Assemblymember & Senator
by using the box on the right side of this
email.  Please make calls AND send
faxes—we need to be sure that elected officials get the message loud and

You can also take action to send a letter to the decision makers here (if you live in California): 

Thank you for protecting
family planning services and the health of women, men and teens across

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