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    “Will we sacrifice poor women during policy discussions on abortion, failing to insist on the repeal of the Hyde Amendment because “conventional wisdom” says ‘taxpayers don’t want to pay for abortions for poor women?’ ”

    - Many people don’t even acknowledge abortion. If ‘human rights’ is all about respecting everyone’s beliefs, using taxpayers’ money will surely go against the beliefs of those who think abortion is murder since they too are taxpayers.

    It’s not just conventional wisdom at play here. The reality is that beliefs and ideals of people conflict. That’s why determining “moral correctness” become overly complicated.

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    How about if we agree to say “sexual justice” and “sexual rights?” It ain’t just about having children, or not. It’s a foundational issue that says people — every single one of us — should be able to control her/his own body.

    Don’t mean to quibble. I loved this blog post. Thanks!

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    In a post that is packed with good, clear advice, these words jumped out at me:

    “Third, we need to discuss how to get what we want. Women of color have fought to get a seat at policy tables for the past century.

    Often they have affected the discussions and outcomes. They have done so by not confusing access with influence, or influence with power.

    A seat at the table does not guarantee the power to ensure that the priorities of women of color are shared by others at the table. A photo-op may look impressive in an organizational report, but unless we truly can bring quality and intersectional results home to our communities, why should they believe we are much different from those who have disappointed them in the past? “


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