Prevention First Act

to the bill’s text, The Prevention First Act seeks to "to reduce unintended
pregnancy, reduce abortions, and improve access to women’s health care."
Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY) first
introduced this bill in early 2007. It was reintroduced in the House and Senate
in January 2009 and is still pending. The bill’s provisions aim to improve
access to family planning and encourage the development of effective
state-level sex education initiatives. The guiding "common ground" theory is

use can improve overall health by enabling women to plan and space their
pregnancies and has contributed to dramatic declines in maternal and infant
mortality. Widespread use of contraceptives has been the driving force in
reducing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and
reducing the need for abortion in this Nation."


First Act would do the following:

  • Increase
    the budget of Title X to $700,000,000.
  • Mandate
    contraceptives coverage by health insurers that cover other forms of
  • Develop
    and disseminate information on emergency contraception.
  • Ensure
    that rape survivors are provided with medically accurate information about
    emergency contraception
  • Extend
    Medicaid coverage of contraception to any woman who meets the income
    standards for pregnant women under Medicaid.
  • Provide
    grants to states to conduct sex education programs that include
    information about both abstinence and contraception




and Senate Versions of the Bill:

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    In my opinion the concept of this bill, whether it is ever passed or not, is the answer to preventing unwanted pregnancies and lowering the number of abortions that currently take place in this country and around the world today.

    An attitude adjustment by those who feel they can judge others is also needed. Let God be the judge of another human being’s journey through life. Work together in educating the entire population on the prevention methods outlined in this bill. By doing so, together we can contribute to the goal of lowering the rate of abortion.

    While I am pro-choice for women, nothing would make me happier than to the witness the occurance of fewer and fewer unwanted pregnancies. Pro-choice does not mean I am not pro-life.

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    How do we Prevent Alive Humans from Killing Each Other, beside Killing Unborn Babies?

    WW1 Veteran.

    “He made it a personal crusade to talk about a conflict that wiped out much of a generation. – Only a handful of World War I veterans remain of the estimated 68 million mobilized.”

    How many more Dead and Alive Veterans were involved in WW2, Korea and Vietnam, and all Wars since? How many USA Soldiers are dying today?

    All this Human Life that was Living, was used for Killing Other Living Humans.

    What is Pro Life about this Killing Lifestyle, since Adam and Eve?
    What is Pro Life about all the Starving and Homeless Living Humans?
    What is Pro Life about Human Slaves of all Flesh Colors, not just Black.

    What will Change Unequal and Inhumane Killer Humans of this Living Life, to a Peace and Equal Sharing Human Lifestyle on Earth?

    Belief in a Supernatural God, out there somewhere, has not done it? The Members of Religions, look for Peace After Death in Heaven.

    I have listed on Bill’s “Faith Matters” Blog, in Genesis, how God/Us Reproduced Supernaturally Perfect Human Males, and Female Clones made from the Male Rib, in the Image of God/Us.

    Why did the Original Perfect Human Clones start Reproducing Imperfect and Inhumane Children in Original Sin?

    Why did Fallen Misbred Body Birth Humans, start calling God/Us Supernatural Gods, in fiery chariots, from Space?

    Why are Misbred High Tech Humans today, using their Knowledge to make Nuclear Bombs, Toxic Pollution, and now laser weapons, all of mass destruction?

    These Questions should be more important to Misbred Living Humans, than who is Religious Human and who is an Atheist Human.
    Or, who is Home Schooled and who is not.
    Or who gets to be a billionaire, and who is not.

    What happened to Jesus’ teachings, of not to Kill, and Share the Resources Equally?

    Since Jesus was made God, was this Human Lifestyle of Male Celibacy and Equal Sharing for All, that he taught as the Way of Life, lost or ignored?