Gender Selection and Abortion in Sweden

Sweden has decided that it is legal to abort based on fetal gender. How
should people concerned with women’s rights and reprouctive justice respond to this?










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    The proper response is to address the reasons why people are engaging in gender-selective abortion in the first place. If they don’t want a girl, then… why? Is it because a female is considered less valuable than a male? Because a female will eventually require a dowry payment? Because only a male can provide some semblance of a retirement plan in old age?

    Granted, I doubt the situation in Sweden is anywhere near as dire as it is in India, or China. And if the most common reason for gender-selective abortion is e.g. “Well, we have two boys already, and really want to have a girl…”—in other words, a non-systematic preference—then, well, it may not be ideal, but it’s less problematic from a reproductive-justice point of view than prohibiting the abortion in those circumstances.

    This is very much a situation that calls for “soft power,” rather than the “hard” variant. After all, at the end of the day, if a woman really wants an abortion, then she’ll get one regardless of what the law says.

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    Why can’t PGD be used. Putting the ‘correct gender’ into the womb is surely better than aborting a fully formed human being.
    I’m not sure if PGD is legal in Sweden?? anyone else know?

  • progo35

    I’m sure it can, but I guess some couples still feel that they should abort fetuses that don’t meet their gender criterion after they didn’t use PGD.

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