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    It is important for people to know that the bad language in the President’s budget was put forward by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and undermines years of consensus building on this issue within the repro health movement, among HIV groups and with polticians. Thanks National Campaign for selfishly dragging us back to your own birthdate during the Clinton Administration and undermining all the progress that has been made.

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    Thank you, Jodi, for a thorough and thoughtful analysis (and posted on a Saturday morning, too!) . . . and then “hortatory” . . . I should have paid more attention in graduate school.

    I just got back from DC and had a chance to meet with staff from Representative Pelosi’s office and Representative Obey’s office. My quick and simple analysis(my highest level)is, as you suggest, the new administration, new Congress, and the new budget present us with an enormous opportunity to advance sex education and access to reproductive health care. If elected officials did all the work for us, what would anyone pay us to do?

    I’m very optimistic about where this will lead. I think a little ‘measured gratitude’ for the President and Congress is in order — and I’m going to shamelessly steal from your piece for a radio appearance at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning.


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    Everything is alive and strong still exist a big group of people who practice it. The same is with abstinence. It’s almost dead now. It will never work, nature is too strong for that. Teach safe sex and things will eventually get better.

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