Making “My Birth, My Choice” A Reality For All Women

Join Feministing blogger, radical doula, and RH Reality Check writer Miriam Perez and JayVon Muhammad, certified professional midwife and Steff Hedenkamp with The Big Push for Midwives campaign,
on Thursday, May 14th for a fascinating, in depth discussion about the
reality of access to homebirth in the United States for all women! Ask
your questions of or share your experiences with out-of-hospital
birthing, midwifery and doula services for all women regardless of
income level.  Join us for one hour at Noon ET/9am PT.

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    Hi, in my country a midwife means a CPM that have a choice to give up birth either in home or in a birth center because she is a well-certified midwife. But home-birth is not supported by insurance orgs. That means this is in circle of privat section!

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    I know the pain when you are giving birth to a child.In a hospital there is lots of precaution can be taken but in the home you can’t take any kind of precaution and it may be harmful.