VIDEO: Meet America’s New Abstinence Clown

Remember Derek The Abstinence Clown?
Derek Dye is a trained clown who is paid by taxpayer-funded
abstinence-only groups to go into middle school classrooms and juggle,
telling kids that having sex with condoms is like juggling machetes and
pre-marital sex will destroy all of your life’s dreams.

Well, meet Keith Deltano: America’s new Abstinence Clown.

Deltano is a “comedian” who is paid by abstinence-only programs to
perform for students all over the country. And what does this
“performance” consist of? Take a look:

That’s right, as you can see at 1:00 into the video above, he tells
(and shows) kids that if you use a condom, there is a 30% chance that
your genitals will virtually be smashed by a cinder block wielding

This is sex education? Further, this is sex education that our tax dollars should go to?

has documented, Deltano’s performances are full of messages of fear and
shame, misleading statistics, and biased views of gender stereotypes
that aren’t doing students any good at all.

One of the most common themes among his performances is that students
are stupid fools who aren’t responsible enough to make their own
decisions. He commonly states “Talking about safe sex is like telling a
5-year-old not to eat any cookies”, adding “here’s a jar, have a
napkin”. In other words, young people are too stupid to learn about
safe sex without immediately thinking that they should have sex in
response to this.

Deltano also insults the intelligence of young women by discouraging
the use of birth control pills. He refers to oral contraception as “the
wheely thingy” and suggests that they are too complicated for young
women too use properly.

And then there is the distortion of facts about condoms that he uses to
discourage their use among students. He commonly says that condoms have
a 10-30% failure rate. What he fails to mention is that the CDC says
that when condoms are used correctly they are highly effective at
preventing HIV. The FDA also says that when condoms are used correctly,
they are 97% effective at preventing pregnancies. But Deltano has no
problem intentionally deceiving students on this matter.

Deltano also encourages the gender stereotypes of young women as
disinterested in sex and only caring about being married, and young men
as crazy, uncontrollable sex addicts. Women are always the passive
agents when it comes to sex. They are all characterized as
disinterested in sex, only wanting love and marriage. As Deltano says
after describing boys as dumb, uncontrollable sex addicts, “Girls, you
want a ring on your finger.” Men, on the other hand, must prove their
manhood by “protecting girls from their (the men’s) sexual desires” and
not “meeting any of your own needs until you meet your family’s needs.”
In other words, decisions on whether or not to have sex are exclusively
in the hands of men, who are then solely responsible for their family’s
needs. Young women are merely asexual passive beings who are supposed
to stay pure, with the help of “real men” who control their dirty
lustful thoughts.

These fear and shame tactics, misleading statistics, and biased gender
roles are par for the course when it comes to
abstinence-only-until-marriage programs all over the country. These
programs have milked the federal government out of $1.5 billion
dollars, with no positive results to show for it.

President Obama is currently finalizing the details of his 2010 fiscal
budget, and he has a golden opportunity to strike a blow against these
harmful, ineffective programs by zeroing out their finding.

Please send him this letter urging him to zero out abstinence-only programs.

And let your Congressperson know that whatever Obama ultimately decides on, we can’t afford to continue to fund these programs.

We are at a critical juncture in our goal of ending abstinence-only
funding. Please let Obama and Congress know that we can’t afford to
leave the sex education of young people in the hands of abstinence
clowns like Derek Dye and Keith Deltano. America’s youth need and deserve much better.

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    Men, on the other hand, must prove their manhood by “protecting girls from their (the men’s) sexual desires”… OMG!

    Why not just show students reruns of sitcoms like Leave it to Beaver or Daddy Knows Best! This type of programming is for the traditionally insane who honestly have lost touch with the needs of the youths of this century. Teens don’t need information that supports more stereotypical fear and ignorance–sending the message to young men that their sexual drive is as unevolved as their caveman ancestors! And that every young girl is just waiting for the right boy to “come around” to make her his wife! (Which is so out-of-step with the wants and needs of this generation of young females!) I don’t care how funny this abstinence program is, and at a cost of 1.5 BILLIONS DOLLARS it better be REAL funny; teens of this generation (or the last thirty years) will not learn a helpful/healthy thing from this type of program! This is just another example of a program that will supply and reinforce more sexual misinformation promoted by a organization that thinks today’s youths are “stupid fools who aren’t responsible enough to make their own decisions!” This program promotes the deadly consequences of not using a condom or use birth control. It resonates the messages that guilt and shame is, or should be, associated with sexual awareness, sexual developlement/desires and sexual understanding! Sadly, once again the only ones to blame are the taxpayers who (myself included) allowed the government to fund this comedy of toxic consequences!

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    what is WRONG with AmeriKKKans??


    I love how ENJOYING YOUR OWN BODIES is something upon which people make CAREERS of HATE, FEAR & … pandering.


    Scarier yet, the millions per year that ‘special interest ReichWing groups’ dump into Canada to ‘evangelize’ or ‘missionary’ Canadians into believing the crap the pedal to their own zombies…

    & that ‘AmeriKKKa’ has anything to offer us but death, fear & destruction

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    good thing luck is with your side because we may never know what could have happened to you without luck

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      I do agree luck is important but a clowns life is always unlucky!

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    Deltano is a “comedian” who is paid by abstinence-only programs to perform for students all over the country. And what does this “performance” consist of? Take a look:

    “Yes i am totally agree”

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    Awwww, shucks! The video was removed. :( But I will say from what I have heard this guy sounds like a real piece of work. And to think somebody like this gets funding from our tax dollars. I agree, Obama needs to cancel funding for this project immediately.

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      Just search on the YouTube site for “Keith Deltano.” The video clip was disabled from the RHRealityCheck website only. Deltano’s approach is to use fear. It’s the common denominator among all right-wing-ery: The planet is a scary place; People who don’t believe like we do are scary people; Our bodies our scary organisms; We’re going to hell if we do such and such or don’t do such and such; etc. Of course, women are weak, need more guidance and protection, etc., etc. You know the drill.

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    Wow! That’s $1.5 billion dollars put to good use. At a time when people are loosing their jobs and the US dollar is turning to crap this is where we are putting our money. Into “Abstinence Clowns.” Makes me real proud, lol. This programs, like the DARE program, have done little to prevent teens from having sex. Derek Dye is up against the mass media that throws sex into our children’s faces everyday from video games to television You think a couple funny spooks at school is going to change anything when your typical teen is spending hours watching MTV??


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    Keith really rocks. I saw this clown in person one time and he’s deadly funny, let me tell you. You can tell how much value he places on young people’s reproductive health in that he will literally endanger a young man’s reproductive future by holding a cinder block over his genitalia – not to mention all of the other crazy messages he’s sending!

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    Woow! whats wrong whith them! its realy cool!

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    What the… hahaha.. lol..its really funny man.. But this kind of person really needed if want to talk something about sex in front of students.

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    Great post, it got me thinking deeply.. where this ends?

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    as for me all that he’s doing is a little bit scary

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    This video is funny as hell, love it!

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    I don’t really care the approach you use to promote abstinence as long as its getting out there! Youth today need to know how important it is to wait, not just for morality but for the sake of their health.

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    This veideo its so funny, it a better way to talk about sex, like the parents do.