Rwanda: the sins of the Church

By Gerald Caplan.- The Roman Catholic Church is preying on
my mind. There are several immediate reasons, some entirely obvious.
Pope Benedict XVI embraces an excommunicated bishop whom everyone but
he (we are told) knew was a demented Holocaust denier. Pope Benedict
pronounces, as he departs for Africa, that condoms actually increase
the AIDS problem. HIV and AIDS remains an out-of-control plague across
southern Africa and the Pope has again done incalculable damage to AIDS
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Book: The Men Who Killed Me

Fifteen years after the Rwandan genocide, “The Men Who Killed Me”
features testimonials from seventeen survivors. Through their
narratives and portraits, sixteen women and one man bear witness to the
crimes committed against hundreds of thousands of others. Proceeds from
this book will go to Mukomeze, a charitable organization established to
improve the lives of girls and women who survived sexual violence in
the Rwandan genocide.


During the 100 days of genocide in Rwanda in 1994, not only were an
estimated 1 million Tutsi and moderate Hutu killed, but also an
estimated 250,000 to 500,00 women and girls were brutally raped and
experienced other forms of sexual violence. Survivors of sexual
violence, mostly Tutsi women, continue to face the consequences of the
genocide today. Many of these women live in dire conditions, suffer
from poor health and stigmatisation, and are still traumatized by their
experiences during the genocide. In addition, about 70% of women have
been infected with HIV as a consequence of the sexual violence they
endured during the genocide. Many have died of AIDS because they have
not had access to proper treatment.

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