North Carolina Closer than ever to Real Sex-education

It has been quite a year for North Carolina. The state voted for Barack Obama, defeated Elizabeth Dole, and elected the first female governor (who happens to also be pro-choice). But the changes don’t just stop there. With changing demographics in our state and a clarion call for sanity from Washington, comprehensive sex education could just be just around the corner.

Innovative new sex-ed legislation in North Carolina has been moving very quickly this session partly because the approach is so new. The Healthy Youth Act would guarantee complete parental choice in picking the sex-ed curriculum for students – a huge improvement over the abstinence-only currently mandated for the entire state. The bill cleared three committees and the State House in just six weeks and won with a ten vote spread in the full House.

What has changed this session? Letting parents decide.

Opponents to comprehensive sex-ed are having a hard time opposing parental choice and at every turn the media message has always focused on choice and how much choice their should be. In short, we are winning. There is strong evidence that most parents want comprehensive. The problem of course is that they think their kids already get it.

Stay tuned for more successes on this bill at and ask any family or friends you have in NC to take action at our site too.

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    This is great news! Do any of those programs tell the young women about the study published October 2, 2007 by the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons?

    New Study Shows ‘Best Predictor of Breast Cancer’

    “The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons published a study yesterday entitled, “The Breast Cancer Epidemic.” It showed that, among seven risk factors, abortion is the “best predictor of breast cancer,” and fertility is also a useful predictor.”

  • colleen

    Here’s even better News!!!

    Abortion does not cause breast cancer and the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons is a publication by far right wackos.

    (they also claim that medicare and medicaid is "evil", that 

    "humanists" have conspired to replace the "creation religion of Jehovah" with evolution and so much else) Not the sort of people I would like to see practicing medicine much less instructing ‘young women’.


  • invalid-0

    Hmmmm. Hope you’re right. What about the other studies, 80% of which say the same thing?

  • trybpo

    Leaving it as a choice for the parent seems prudent, but I do try to look at it from their side as well. If I was against it I would be frustrated that I’d have to opt-out and that my tax dollars were still going towards something I’m against completely.


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