The Blood on Tony Perkins’s Hands

Tony Perkins is not letting Governor Sebelius go quietly into the Department of Health and Human Services. He’s insinuating that true evil is at work here: 

"the ties and the depth of the ties with the darkest side of the abortion industry that Kathleen Sebelius has is very abnormal."

The idea that abortion providers and defenders support abortion for financial reasons is ludicrous. There are easier ways of making money. Oil is an industry; abortion is not.  

Perkins also claims that Sebelius is dripping in “literally blood money.”

What kind of money funds the Family Research Council? As a right-wing organization, the FRC is cozy with groups that promote gun rights and war. For example, the FRC, along with the NRA and the Heritage Foundation, is a member of a collection of right-wing interests known as the American Legislative Exchange Council. Whatever your views on gun control and the wars in the Middle East, you have to admit that there’s blood involved. Real, literal blood.

More directly, the Family Research Council and other anti-condom groups have done their best to ensure that Africans—and Americans, for that matter—continue to be infected with HIV. The Family Research Council has consistently opposed the distribution of condoms, even in places where they’re desperately needed. Relatedly, there was an especially stupefying moment in 2005 when the FRC encouraged Africans to reject relief money from an American Episcopal organization. That money wasn’t tainted by abortion blood, but by gayness. Here was Tony in 2005: 

Anglican bishops in Africa are refusing millions of dollars from American Episcopal Church donors who have endorsed active homosexual clergy following the 2003 election of openly homosexual New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson. … No amount of silver is worth sacrificing your duty to your congregation and to God…

Perkins makes it sound like the Africans were going to make jewelry for themselves. (He’s undoubtedly referencing the parable of Jesus in the temple.) Unfortunately, the “silver” in this case was money that was on its way to buy food or medicine or school books for people who had none. With such a lurid attack on Sebelius, Perkins had better be ready to explain his own complicity in AIDS deaths, not just in Africa but all over the world. Let’s not forget that in parts of America, the HIV rates are as high as in sub-Saharan Africa.

Either he’s blind to the irony of his rhetoric or he’s trying to distract us from the great damage his organization has done here and abroad. Either way, Tony Perkins has blood on his hands.

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    “There are easier ways of making money. Oil is an industry; abortion is not.”

    Tell that to Planned Parenthood, which makes $1 billion annually (their annual report) doing abortions and recruiting potential abortion customers.

    George Tiller, in one year alone, makes at least $300,000 (according to his own figures) doing late-term abortion. Think of how many people that money could food or shelter if it were used for something other than abortions after viability.

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    Here is some more information on Perkins thanks to Max Blumenthal and the Nation Magazine:

    In the early 1990’s Perkins served as a part time reserve police officer for the Baton Rouge Police Department. He was also as a part time reporter for a small right-wing news paper.

    In 1992, while reporting on anti-abortion protests at a Baton Rouge clinic, Perkins learned that protesters were planning to break through police lines to blockade the clinic. Perkins violated his oath as a police officer by failing to disclose these illegal plans to his superiors. Perkins was suspended for 6 months and then resigned.

    In 1996 Perkins ran the Senate campaign for far-right candidate Woody Jenkins. While serving as the campaign director, Perkins sold former KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke, the campaigns mailing list for $82,500. The campaign was later fined $3,000 for trying to hide the money paid to Duke.

    In 2001 Perkins gave a speech to the Council for Conservative Citizens, formerly the White Citizens Council.

    In 2002, when Perkins ran for US Senate, he claimed that he never had any association with Duke. Shortly after making this claim, a document surfaced for receipt of payment to Duke signed by Perkins.

    And Anonymous – nice try on the Planned Parenthood and Tiller stats. The profit margins are not that high when you factor in the costs and both are doing a great service to the community. The reasons why are to numerous to post here.

  • colleen

    Thanks curtis,
    I wasn’t aware of Perkin’s ties to David Duke and the CCC. I was aware that he (as the FRC) was willing to toady up to the Bush administration and republicans in general at every opportunity. Indeed he actually come out in opposition to the expansion of the SCHIP children’s health program.
    I expect that his characteristically hysterical opposition to Sebelius is in part political theatre in that he bet on the wrong republican horse in the primaries and supported Mittens. The religious right didn’t mind at all when he spoke against health care for low income children but they did not care for Mitt. Here’s a blog entry illustrating jjust how unpopular Mitt Romney is and was:
    I expect that Perkins is trying to get some of his fascist mojo back lest he go the way of James Dobson, Randall Terry and Newt Gingrich.

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    Thanks for the link. Here are the links to Max Blumenthal’s articles on Perkins.

    Also Tony (The Panderer) Perkins just produced a video of himself outside Dr. Tillers clinic. You can see it here: