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It really makes little difference where in the world you live. The point is that all women go through the same changes during their lives.

What am I talking about?  Menopause, is a fundamental happening to women, usually starting in the forties age group although there are the rare occasions when it can take place in the younger woman.

What is the menopause? And what are the symptoms.

It used to be called the change and was not widely talked about; instead it became a whispered word where some brave people shared their experiences with others. Word of mouth is such a great way of passing on information.

The problem with the menopause from that prospective is, symptoms can vary from woman to woman

It is a collection of hormonal changes that take place within a woman’s body. It’s pointless to fight it because it will happen regardless. But how you deal with it will make the difference in your quality of life for the duration.

Don’t just decide on the easiest option HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Instead be brave, stand out from the crowd and do yourself a favour explore natural alternatives for the sake of your health.

Need help?

My book entitled Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and Over is packed full of suggestions and options to take you on a journey of rejuvenation. Don’t be concerned if you are in your middle forties the book can be beneficial to you also.


Go on, visit my website and buy the book. Don’t delay it’s in your own interest to take control over this chapter of your life.

When you have tried various suggestions of mine let me know how you get on by visiting authorsden and leave me a message.

We can all have reasons and excuses why we don’t do anything. But now maybe is the right time. Your body has to have balance. I have no doubt that most people will find that indeed their body is out of sync.

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    This book is amazing, it really gives you the motivation to help you change your life for the better for ever!!!! Thank you

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    I did not even know it until a doctor told me Darn! it was not so bad not knowing,except I wish I had known why I was always so hot. Freedom that is how I look at it! It is wonderful to me! No hormones just regular exercise and eating right. It is too late for book reading I am done and Happy!

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    Actually it makes a LOT of difference where in the world you live given the average age for menopause in the Philippines is 44 versus 51 in the US.

    Quite clearly your access to good food, good medicine and a healthy life style have a lot to say in how menopause will effect you.

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    Just why is everybody’s *first* thought regarding menopause symptoms and treatments? Menopause is a perfectly natural process, comparable to puberty. Just like puberty, it is not a disease and doesn’t need treatment. Just as with puberty, the changes it imposes are not always welcome and often accompanied by some physical and emotional uproar. In some extreme cases, this uproar may reach a level that is so uncomfortable that the concerned woman wants to do something about it, which is, of course, a legitimate choice. It is just as legitimate, and won’t have any terrible consequences, to just let nature take its course. Been there, done that.