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    This is a very refreshing thing to know. It seems if one problem is addressed properly, a lot of other related issues would be solved as well. A nation of abstinent, drug free and well informed teens sounds very promising. US, please take a cue from Canada.

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    Here’s in the states we’re so two-faced about our public and private lives that it’s no wonder kids are confused.

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    This is very worrisome.

    We already know that Americans have a bigger army than us, a bigger economy than us (still?) and a lot more influence around the world (see Britney, Paris, Brangelina etc.) along with a much cooler leader and even cooler wife.

    And now we learn that American kids are having more fun with sex, drugs and booze than our Canadian kids.

    Certainly, a vital part of my growing up involved sex, drugs and booze. And I don’t know how anyone can truly grow up and march boldly out into the world as a real person without practice, experience (and some abuse) in these areas.

    The only consolation I can find is that recent research indicates that the last part of the human brain to mature is the part that governs cause and effect. Apparently it doesn’t click in until a human is around 24 years old.

    So, thankfully, there’s still time for the next generation to get its act together and make us proud again.

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    Without awareness, there is nothing which we can do and I am happy to know that we are no more ignorant. It is not only about US or CANADA but all the world. World was a quite different place 10 years ago and it would be entirely different place after 10 years so we have to upgrade ourselves. Our kids should be more educated and sophisticated and they should have more awareness about what is right and what is wrong.

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    I think that increasingly rising abstinence is a good sign.

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    I agree that abstinence is definitely a good sign!

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