We are all of woman born.

We are all of woman born. There NEVER has been one single human being that has not come out of the womb of a woman. So all of us, for our own health, welfare, and happiness should want:


a mother who is healthy

a mother who rejoices at our birth

a mother who survives our birth

a mother whose milk will nourish us

a mother who is educated and wants us to be educated too

a mother who can choose how many of us to have and when

a mother whose value to society is appreciated equally to any man

a mother who can contribute economically to our family

a mother who participates in decisions at all levels from her family, to her nation, to her world


In other words A WOMAN as OUR MOTHER!


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    Lovely way to say that we all benefit from having a strong woman who is able to be who she wants to be as our mother.