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our wiki to our monthly livechats, RH Reality Check consistently
leverages cutting edge new media tools in order to monitor news and disseminate information on sexual and reproductive
rights issues for our community of bloggers, journalists, advocates and
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We are now ready to launch a brand new feature for our community!

Monday, April 13th, we will launch reader diaries. Just like Daily
Kos, Feministing, Talking Points Memo, RH Reality Check wants to increase the opportunities for community members to post and
publish on our site. Bloggers – you can use
these diaries to repost your blog entries that focus on sexual and
reproductive health and rights, bring your ideas to a new audience and
connect with like-minded people.  If you’re not yet a blogger, but you already comment on the site, why not start your own diary to share your ideas in the form of a blog post? If you are a professional advocate, why not blog about your organization’s newest campaign, event or relevant news story?

have a section on the homepage that will highlight the most recent
reader diary entries and feature the best entries. If a post catches an editor’s attention we may even post it to our front page
News & Commentary section.

Look for more information
next week and start the wheels in your mind turning – we’re looking for
the next great group of sexual and reproductive health and rights

If you’re ready to start your own diary, or you want more information, email Brady Swenson, our New Media Associate, at

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    if they don’t agree with the regular contributors to RHRC? Your “New Media Associate” has removed my comments 3 times now. All I did was disagree with the way money is spent by some purportedly not-for-profit organizations who use CDC funds to pay huge staff salaries to compile an annual report on Ab-only Education rather than using that government money to actually provide the services we all agree are needed. Though my comments never contained any profanity or anything of the sort and though I actually am completely in favor of Comprehensive Sex Ed, my comments have still been removed. One cannot really express an opinion on here.

  • invalid-0

    What a great idea! Where do I sign up to submit entries?

  • brady-swenson

    Hello Anonymous,

    Reader diary submissions will be subject to meeting our diary posting guidelines, which will be available on Monday when we launch the new tools.  We explained on the original thread why those comments were deleted and I will not rehash that here.  However, I will say that, considering the volume of commenting on this site we delete relatively few from publication.