Standing Tall for a Robust Women’s Health Agenda

By overturning the Global Gag Rule and reinstating UNFPA funding, the
Obama Administration has taken immediate actions to ensure the rights
and reproductive health of women and girls.  But a lot of day-in,
day-out slogging is being – and will have to continue to be – done.  And,
there are quite a few things that must be undone – for example, the
Administration’s bold move to repeal the HHS regulations initiated by
the Bush Administration.

The US can stand tall at this week’s UN Conference on Population and
Development to secure consensus on a robust action agenda for the world
and for U.S. foreign assistance:

  • Prioritizing U.S. investment in comprehensive reproductive
    health services, defined at the ICPD, including care during pregnancy
    and childbirth, access to contraceptives and safe abortion, and
    diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.
  • Ensuring access to comprehensive sexuality education that
    teaches young people how to establish equality in relationships,
    respect the right to consent in sex and marriage, and end violence and
    sexual coercion.
  • Promoting and protecting the human rights of women at the
    United Nations and in bilateral relations with other governments.

As Alana says, we know what to do, and as Laurie suggests, we are mobilizing effective alliances for this era of opportunity.

This post is part of the After the Gag Rule salon hosted by RH Reality Check and UN Dispatch.

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