Kicking Off the Global Women and Health Salon

Among the first executive orders signed by President Obama upon
taking to office were eliminating the so-called "Global Gag Rule" and
restoring American funding for the United Nations Population Fund to
provide international family planning assistance.  I think we all would
applaud these two moves, however I cannot but help shake the feeling
that this brings us to where we were in 2000.  For the past eight years
activist communities have been organized around achieving these twin
goals.  Now that they have been met what else should the Obama
administration do to promote the health and welfare of women

This post is part of the After the Gag Rule salon hosted by RH Reality Check and UN Dispatch.

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    The list of next is very very long. Stop funding failed abstence only sex ed-why through more federal dollars at failed programs. The education of all women in the world, the key to stopping violence including jihadists. Providing clean water to communities all over the world, providing vacines for illnesses we already know how to provent. Providing women in developing countries with micro loans after education to start small business. Just a start.