Feminism and the New Great Depression: What’s Next?

Looks like feminism’s at a crossroads, and there’s a very surprising group that could hold the key to the future of the movement: men. (So does this mean I should go buy my goldfish a new bike?)

In a panel of cross-generational feminist writers last night at the 92YTribeca in New York City, Elizabeth Hines, Gloria Feldt, Courney E. Martin and Deborah Siegel came together for a Women Girls Ladies panel on the future of feminism, specifically about the way to balance a career, a life, and a family—an increasingly difficult prospect, especially in the midst of the financial climate—and how that prospect has changed for women over the past 40 years. In one particularly interesting portion of the discussion, the panelists discussed the need for women and men to work together to make choices—to have a family, to spend time with one’s family, and to have a successful career—available to everyone, regardless of gender.

Essentially, feminists need men on our side in order to have the movement progress, because women need to be able to take on more responsibility in the office while being able to rely on men to participate at home.

The perception that women have achieved equality with men in the workforce, it would seem, is false; very few high executive positions are filled by women, mostly because if a woman steps “off the track” even momentarily during her 30s in order to spend time with her children during the formative early years, it’s nearly impossible for them to hop back on. Policy at workplaces doesn’t necessarily retain the woman’s job when a woman chooses to come back to work months or even years later. Men often choose not to take advantage of the rare “paternity leave” offered by some companies because they are afraid of being singled out at work. In a blog post this morning, Martin summed up the issue:

“American workplaces won’t change—in policy or culture—until men take this on as their own issue just as women have for years. If they can’t do it under this big tent movement called feminism, maybe they can invent their own way of owning the issues.”

However, the depression makes it a more volatile time for the discussion of gender roles—especially because 4 out of 5 laid-off workers are men, and that translates into a seeming crisis of masculinity. The image of the female breadwinner and the stay-at-home dad is increasingly common, and now that men don’t necessarily identify primarily through their title at work, how we define masculinity will need to change—just as the image of femininity has been changing over the past 40 years.

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    Thanks for this great summary Elisabeth. I’m glad you were able to come.

    I think that you zeroed in on what ended up being the most thought-provoking part of the night for me. I’m really wondering how we can create more alliances with feminist men and put some serious fire under their asses around these issues.

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    These sickos don’t waste time putting out their drivel.


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    White, Straight Male in a “Feminist’s World
    John Maszka

    Once again, she ignores me—calling on everyone else, just not me.
    She waits for someone else to speak…Anyone at all; as long as they’re female or gay or a different color than me. Even when she acknowledges me, she tells me to wait and then never allows me to speak.
    I don’t know why I even try.
    I’m invisible and yet still, she targets me with isolation.
    She’s obviously very angry,
    Her passive-aggression gives her away.
    “Did you have your hand up?” She asks the others but never me.
    “Do you have something to add?” Words I’ll never hear.
    Not here anyway.
    My opinion is not welcome.
    I’m a white, male—
    And heterosexual too!
    I might as well be a leper!
    Ostracized by the “feminist” who claims to champion the unempowered;
    but she uses her position of power to oppress and silence.
    Her thin veil of hypocrisy, yellow like her teeth, barely conceals her cowardice.
    Are you the “son of a Swan?”
    or the abandoned offspring of a harpy?
    The goddess Diana resents your name.
    You preach about ethics, but look what you do.
    You’re not a feminist, you’re a liar—and the worst kind…
    Pretending to be a victim as you wipe the blood from your lips.

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      amen bro! let me tell you, nowadays if you’re a hetero male you’re public enemy number one. especially in the work place it’s a strict and severe ‘leave your penis at the door’ policy. in other words you better just watch what you say and how you say it because she will run off to the powers that be and try to get you fired before you even know she’s upset with you. and, unfortunately, the higher up she is in the pay bracket the worse the behavior becomes. especially female corporate types have a real bizzare mix of penis hatred and penis envy like they simultaneously hate men yet pretty much want to be one. plus that you will also find that when at work despite receiving equal numbers of warnings, write-ups, disciplinary actions etc. as men women end up being fired only 52% as often.

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    Mr. Anon: You don’t know what discrimination is unless you are black,hispanic and white women. You as a male are born with full rights. Us other gender the second class objects,possesions of men since the beggining of time do not have such priveleges zero! Go tell it to the Pope.

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    Words temporarily fail me, John.

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    Looks like someone needs to read Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, stat!

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      Today, I had an appraisal meeting with the Boss. She raved and gushed and told me what a great job I was doing. Then she said “Well done, Eric”. Eric is not my name. She froze, opened a new file and told me my actual appraisal, which was the complete opposite of everything she had just said. FML
      Peter from dealsvista

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    I’m all for equality, but much needs to be done to achieve equality, like abolishing alimony for starters, and treating women that instigate domestic violence the same as men who instigate domestic violence.

    But it’ll never happen because unfortunately feminism these days seems to focus more on being “victims” instead of being responsible.

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    I believe that the spouse earning the higher income pays alimony. Also under new domestic violence laws the offender male or female is arrested by the police on the scene.

    I know that by being born male in this world you have 99% full rights,compare to women maybe 1%. Your arguement does not hold up.

    So if more women were making higher paying salaries and or were paid equal to men there would be less men paying alimony.

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    After the way Feminists have treated Men in the last 40 years, I seriously doubt you’ll be getting any support from us.

    As you can see, you’ve bankrupted your surrogate husband, the US Government. And there won’t be a replacement.

    Have you read Taken Into Custody by Baskerville to understand how poorly Men are being treated?

    Payback is going to be a bitch GRRLS, and guess what?

    You deserve it.

    I cannot believe how brainwashed you are that you believe you’re oppressed. How much time do you spend debunking the so-called Feminist “truths” that you’re taught?

    The Men Have Left The Building.

    You’re on your own now.

    May we return to natural Male/Female relationships. Not the phony unnatural Government funded & enforced illusion that now exists. In other words, what you currently experience in the USA is a LIE, ladies.

    Men FIGHT & DIE to create, maintain, and improve civilization. And this is how we’re treated?

    American Women are oppressed? More like pampered and spoiled rotten.

    A Depression would be the best thing for Feminists to experience. For once in their life, they’d be experiencing reality.

    What’s that saying about not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone?

    Men are going, going, gone.

    Enjoy, Feminists.

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    You have left me speechless. I can tell you are writing from your own personal feeling on this and not pointing fingers as we usually here. I am a bit confused. If you are a man of color you should know first hand what discrimination feels like agree? This is why I am shocked.
    From what I am hearing men feel like the protectors and defenders and if this is taken away then what is their purpose? I see what you mean. Everyone needs purpose in their life.
    I speaking for me only, as a woman, only want respect and dignity and to be viewed as a human being not a second class possesion. Can you understand this?

  • colleen



    I’m fascinated by your ability to sound just like a bitter, woman hating, white republican male who listens to Rush Limbaugh w-a-y too often and has never taken responsibility for anything his entire life. Perhaps you should move to Alabama or Louisiana and run for Congress. 

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    Good luck with this.

    After the vitriol and hate that the feminist movement and its “star writers” have hurled at men for the last 40 years, you expect men to join up with you in numbers for your benefit?

    I don’t think so!

    Men will continue to work as we have done, and produce as we have done. There will be some stay at home husbands, which is fine for the couples concerned. But there won’t be a massive movement among men to take their collective feet off the gas at work so that women who are mothers can compete with them more effectively. Even if these men are fathers themselves. That’s just not going to happen, and wishing it would happen isn’t going to bring it any closer to reality.

    Men will continue to be as career and job focused as we are, and women will either marry “down” and have house husbands, or marry (which they seem to prefer) “up” and have these work/life issues come up. But you won’t be having it both ways, I expect.

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    Relative to the above article and your pursuit of respect and dignity, why is the true essence of “having men on our side” the same as “making men submissive so we get what we want?”

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    Why can you not see why we are angry? Have you read the bible? We get no respect or status in this world as women. Men run everything and do not act like they want women to be a part of anything except mothers and wives. If we had been happy doing this fine. We were given brains to do more than sit at home and rise children, then to be beaten or abused by a husband in many cases.
    Men with your attitude are not going to help your cause any by not listening to the pain of others.

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    Grievance Feminists are good at using propaganda and shaming tactics to get laws passed. Just look at IMBRA. The next law will merely force men to work less, say four days per week. Yep, if women can’t manage to compete outside the home, force the less conflicted productive men out of the workforce and into the home. That’ll show’em.

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    You really do not get it. We are male, female humans right?
    The same species right? Why can we not get along? I am an independent woman who never asked for anything from any man except my father when I was a child. I am sorry you feel all women are goldigging wanters of everything. Why is respect and dignity for women, so hard for the male person to understand? Do you believe we have to physically fight for this status?

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    To be angry is your choice. There is nothing you or any feminist group can do to change men involuntarily. Pushing too hard has already resulted in “Man Flight” to foreign countries where slim young non-conflicted non-feminist foreign women vastly outnumber your kind. Get. Over. It.

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    This is from the article:

    “Essentially, feminists need men on our side in order to have the movement progress, because women need to be able to take on more responsibility in the office while being able to rely on men to participate at home.”

    How does relying on men to participate at home lead to “respect and dignity for women?”

    How does more responsibility in the office lead to “respect and dignity for women?”

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    helping each other out in life. Is that so awful? At least that is how I see it. Maybe you do not see it that way. Is that not what a good marriage is? I saw my mother and father do this. They respected each other and were very much equals in their relationship. I can not speak for all people but this is what I saw growing up as a woman. My dad used to tell me that “a woman could do anything she wanted to do in life nowadays”.
    Having more responsibility in the workplace builds self esteem and confidence and gives a person more self worth than just sitting at home all the time being in isolation of the world.

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    I am surprised did not know men were fight or flight beings. Thought that was reserved for horses and deer.

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    Why bother being angry? Just marry different men.

    Women do not *need* to marry men who are married to their jobs already. If women want to rise to the top of the corporate ladder, I have no issues with this at all — most men don’t, by the way. My last three bosses have been women and I frankly have no issues with that at all.

    But for women to rise to the very top, they will need to marry different kinds of men than many seem to prefer. If these high-powered women would select men as mates on the basis of their ability and willingness to be competent stay at home dads (and there are plenty of such men), these work/life issues would disappear for these high-powered women virtually overnight.

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    …then they will stay at home part time and women can fill the workplace void by heading to the office. That way, you can all stop failing at trying to be equal to men – just force the men to be equal to women. Genius.

  • invalid-0

    …that is the subject of this article: a bastion of men to choose from who are all submissive (for home use) and dominant (for “other” uses).

  • invalid-0

    This is hilarious! Women NEVER stop complaining. Ha Ha Ha.

    • invalid-0

      Only they hurt people sometimes physically when they do. It is called agressive behavior unlike womens complaining which is emotional. BIG difference.

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    LOL, this article gets close the the truth of reality, but skirts the edges. Face facts: without the generosity of men and the technology they created, there would be no feminism. More men are waking up to the sham and scam of it and if you want to be “equal” you had better start taking the same lumps men have been taking since the dawn of civilization.

    • invalid-0

      who had you and sacrificed her life for you, you would not be here PERIOD! Think before you spout. The world does not revolve around “only” men. Thank you very much. Ha Ha Ha.

      • invalid-0

        “who had you and sacrificed her life for you, you would not be here PERIOD! Think before you spout. The world does not revolve around “only” men. Thank you very much. Ha Ha Ha.”

        lol You should probably take your own advice since you also need a man to make a woman. It is, after all, the male’s sperm which dictates on what the biological sex of the fetus will be. Don’t think you don’t need men to make babies? Where do you think all that sperm comes from in sperm banks?

        The world doesn’t and shouldn’t revolve around “only” women either. The world needs both in order for the human species to survive.

        As a side note: These comments are lulzy. :) And this is coming from an open-minded white female who was raised with equality of the genders in mind. Villifying one gender over another will not solve anything other than to create an even bigger gap between the sexes right now. But hey, thanks for making the world an even worse place than it is right now for yourselves (and not to mention the men, who are now the oppressed)!

        So yes, I salute you feminists for going COMPLETELY against on what Susan B. Anthony originally started out to do! You should feel proud of yourselves and your male-hating ways! I hope they continue to serve you well into your lonely, delusional spinster years!

        I am fully expecting you “feminists” (more like misandrists, amirite?) to think that I am a male posing as a woman because that seems to be the line of thinking these days. It’s hard for a feminazi to even comprehend the fact that someone from their own sex could think this way, but it’s true! There are also others out there who think this way so please..GTFO of my country and stop polluting it with your venomous words so we can actually make progress for both genders in a nice way, as it should be.

        – A white woman in US who knows she made a bunch of ad hominems but doesn’t care to show respect for those who have tainted the whole feminist word with their twisted/backward hate.

  • http://eternalbachelors.blogspot.com/ invalid-0

    This tactic has gotten old and worn, ladies.

    I’m fascinated by your ability to sound just like a bitter, woman hating, white republican male who listens to Rush Limbaugh w-a-y too often and has never taken responsibility for anything his entire life. Perhaps you should move to Alabama or Louisiana and run for Congress.

    This is a Basic 6th Grade Debate Fail. Ad Hominem and Slander. It no longer works, it doesn’t silence men, and we don’t feel shamed in comporting to how you think we should behave.

    Also under new domestic violence laws the offender male or female is arrested by the police on the scene.

    Not in many must arrest states. The officers must arrest the person most likely to do harm, and because men are biologically stronger on average than women, he is arrested and kicked out of his house.

    Why is respect and dignity for women, so hard for the male person to understand? Do you believe we have to physically fight for this status?

    Because what Anglo Feminists think of as respect and dignity is considered in the rest of the world to be the whinings of an ungrateful, spoiled, child.

    Because you say you want respect and dignity, but the methods and results 2nd-4th Wave Feminists use are obviously ones of power, dominance, control, manipulation, dissemblement and superiority.

    ‘Requesting’ that men help isn’t a request. You have shown this over and over during the past 50 years. What is first a request will soon become a demand, then it will become Law, forcing men to do as you wish so that you can be ‘equal’. Then social and work mores and codes will be changed, and men will be forced to do what you think is ‘fair’, under penalty of law suit, litigation, and/or job loss and career destruction.

    We get no respect or status in this world as women.

    You are delusional. Only a woman who is a member of the most privileged, wealthy, free group in the history of mankind (American Women) would be able to morph such a status into one of impoverishment on all levels. American Women spend 80% of all consumer dollars, AW have a maddening array of legal, social, occupational, educational and other entitlements.

    80% of the people losing their jobs in The Super Depression are men, yet you claim grievance and oppression.

    This is not the response of a rational being or group.

    I don’t know why you think men get respect or status automatically, but to think so is the attitude of a child who doesn’t understand the world. Men put up with infinite amounts of grief on a daily basis. We compete with other men, women, and now nagging harridans who have taken over much of the culture.

    No one offers us a helping hand, no one opens doors for us, no one stops on the roadside to help us fix our car. There is no Affirmative Action for us. We are passed over at Uni for minorities. We are on our own, and know that we and we alone are responsible for our lives.

    Yes, some of us are bitter. Because many women have treated many men so poorly at work, at home, in Divorce Court, in relationships, that we do not trust women as a group to act responsibly, sanely, with honor.

    Yes, we ARE angry. We have every right to be when the back-breaking work men have done over the past 500 years to construct civilisation is lied about, dissembled about and made into ‘Oppression’ and ‘The Patriarchy’.

    You girls can change the U.S.A. all you want, but you will continue to get the same results. You will continue to be unhappy with your lives. You will continue to be stressed out, overweight, and masculine. Men will continue to back off from marriage, dating and committment. You will continue to hear more and more the refrain: “There are no good men left.” That is because they cannot stand YOU, and have moved on to another country.

    This you cannot stop.
    You cannot force men to stay in the U.S.A. and deal with your crap. You cannot force us to love you, to date you, to marry you, to work less than you do just so you can play at being ‘equal’.

    • http://www.asiandelight.com.au invalid-0

      “Feminism is the idea that women should have political, social, sexual, intellectual and economic rights equal to those of men.” – I agree that sometimes woman’s right are misused. However, you have to realize that you need to give more rights to one group on paper in order to have equal rights in practice. So I agree with you Lera

      • http://theautoinsure.info invalid-0

        Feminism is great idea, I am for it, but we all including feminists have to remember that before getting some rights is needed to do some efforts. I don’t mean efforts in fighting for women rights, I mean efforts in doing so called “men job” too.

  • invalid-0

    Nobody is asking you to stay and I would not marry a man again if you paid me! Leave please!

  • invalid-0

    If you are the only American Man left-Please Leave- and dont let the door hit you in the you know what! I am a very happily married feminist american woman married to a feminist man-we dont have a problem with treating each other with respect. What in the world is your problem-I heard they have very good psychologists in several countries in eastern europe-you wont stand out there either!

    • http://eternalbachelors.blogspot.com/ invalid-0

      What in the world is your problem…

      The Truth and Reality is all that I post. You have not dated women in the USA – it isn’t fun anymore.

      I am a white, heterosexual, middle aged man living in the Anglosphere. Men have been judged as evil, an oppressor, a potential rapist, and ignored by college boards since 1977, as are the other millions of men like me have the same opinions.

      I will be leaving the U.S.A. in a few weeks.

      You harridans can have this sinking ship and your emasculated feminist men.

  • invalid-0

    Wow. Despite American women being the most protected and subsidized class in the world we still hear this drivel.
    I really wanted to marry and raise a family in America. There’s just one problem. The good women in America are so few as to be nonexistent.

    That’s why I’ve moved to another country. The women here don’t have the entitlement princess complex that’s so prevalent back in the states.

    Thank you all for reinforcing my decision to leave.

    • invalid-0

      It’s the same for women SilverTide: I haven’t dated an American man since my late teens/early 20’s. They are arrogant, smug, chauvinist and bad lovers due to their selfish natures. There isn’t one moment in their relationships that American men think about anyone but themselves as you have so eloquently pointed out. I apologize to the rare American gems out there that are getting lumped together with the general population, I know you exist. The most respectful man i dated who was also the best lover I ever had was originally from Pakistan, was Muslim, studying to be a rocket scientist (literally) and didn’t really care for women who did not have a mind of their own. How boring is that? I really feel your pain SilverTide: the American men like yourselves are forced to flee the country to find “submissive” women to buy…er….date. It’s because your false sense of entitlement and huge ego’s turn off most American women that don’t really have to put up with it. Therefore, the “asian” women, due to economic reasons, have to put up with your bullshit. Too bad for them. And really, I’m glad to hear you’re not coming back here. You might corrupt an innocent young man with your blathering.

      • invalid-0

        What BS… I moved from the US and have been all over Europe and Asia (live in Europe)… EU women think EU men are usless (and it seems to hold generally true) and don’t even get started on Asian men. They love US guys because we’re gratful to not have a pricess complex bitch… as a result a okay looking, bit chubby guy like me can marry a runway model german with 2 masters degrees who loves to cook, clean and give me backrubs all the time.

        And the US women friends who have tried dating EU boys say they’re just that… boys.

        To all you guys, just look outside the US and you’ll see the light… these US gals rely on name calling (especially those that start looking beyond the border) because they’re frantic to keep the scam going

  • invalid-0

    Reading this makes me feel so lucky. 10 years ago I left all of this behind and married a beautiful Filipina lady with Master’s degree. Men are lucky! We still have options. We can still find beautiful and well educated women not destroyed my feminism. And for the ladies in the western world, what are your choices?

    I was at the office the other day listening to all the complaining. Ladies in their 30’s and 40’s trying to find a good man. Since I have been at the same job for 10 years not much has changed. Well, these ladies are getting a little angrier, eating more, getting bigger chairs, but things remain pretty much the same.

    I say just keeping doing what has worked for you! The pharmecutical companies will keep dreaming up new products to ease your troubled minds :)

  • http://girlwpen.com invalid-0

    Elisabeth, thanks so much for coming and for writing this great wrap up! It’s really too bad some of the men who are leaving comments here weren’t able to be there the other night — I think they may have found themselves rather surprised.

  • invalid-0

    As if the men who attend a feminist meeting in Tribeca are representative of American men as a whole.

  • invalid-0

    very few high executive positions are filled by women, mostly because if a woman steps “of the track” even momentarily during her 30s in order to spend time with her children during the formative early years, it’s nearly impossible for them to hop back on.

    The easy solution is just stop having babies. By the time your children have children their last names will be Smith-Edwards-Jones-Johnson. It will all be a confusing mess anyway. It really is a huge sacrifice to be able to retain your job while you care for a newborn. If only men could experience all the injustices you women face on a daily basis. It is truly mind boggling :)

  • harry834

    "The easy solution is just stop having babies."

    This means you support contraception funding at the federal and state levels, correct? Remember, poor women are far less likely to be able to afford it without public funding.

  • invalid-0

    No one is forcing anyone to have babies. Having a baby is one’s own personal choice. If a woman (or for that matter a man) wants to have a baby then it’s not a sacrifice. It’s a trade off. A choice.
    For example, if I were to start a project unrelated to work, such as building a roadster, then there’s no reason why I should get special privileges to spend time doing my hobby. Raising children is the same thing. Businesses shouldn’t be forced to cater to those who take time off from work to do some activity unrelated to work.
    And trust me, people are still going to have babies. The human race will not become extinct due to sound work ethics. I’d actually argue that it’d boost fertility rates.

    • invalid-0

      It is a full time job!!!!! Obviously you never took care of kids? You have to be a teacher to a child to insure that they do not turn out to be criminals and are well adjusted humans!! This is not fun like a hobby. In fact if women were paid they would be producing over 30% of the gross national product! What rock did you crawl out from under???

  • invalid-0

    Are you Ladies upset that +90% of retail stores at the Mall are devoted to Women? Now that’s oppression!

    Come back to reality Ladies.

    • invalid-0

      “Are you Ladies upset that +90% of retail stores at the Mall are devoted to Women? Now that’s oppression! Come back to reality Ladies. “

      lol They probably want it AAALLLL!! You also forget the whole judicial system being in favor for the ladies (men get stricter sentences in comparison to women for the same crime at the same level), girls get praised for being masculine as well as feminine (whereas boys get shafted for the feminine role, being called gay and everything), girls get to wear their hair at any length they want for work and it would be acceptable whereas boys cannot, girls also want this so-called equal pay at work even though there already is an Act in effect called the Equal Pay Act (of 1972 or 73) and the only reason they don’t get paid as much is cause of maternity leave/sick days/don’t work as often as guys do/aren’t in the same amount of danger as guys for their job.

      These are just a few of the many examples on where men are shafted and women are raised up. We need to have stuff get restricted for women so that they are more equal, especially in the judicial system.

      -A white woman in the US who feels for the guys here unlike her misandrist sisters.

  • invalid-0

    There a rip off. You can get almost everything for a quarter of the price at walmart. My favorite stores are Home Depot, Lowes and hardware stores. For shoes I am lucky if I have one comfortable pair that don’t hurt my feet. Not all women or men are bad we are all different thats what makes the world go round. Peace everyone.

  • http://eternalbachelors.blogspot.com/ invalid-0

    This means you support contraception funding at the federal and state levels, correct? Remember, poor women are far less likely to be able to afford it without public funding.

    Submitted by Harry834 on March 21, 2009 – 9:45pm.

    I suppose they could just not have sex, or use a condom, or practice abstinence.

    But self-control isn’t a option, is it?

    Can’t be telling people “NO – you cannot have that or do that because you cannot afford it.”

  • invalid-0

    and how racist that so many of the “male” commenters here who are blaming “American” women for *forcing* them to leave the country (oh woe! oh they are SO MISSED! /snark)
    take pains to state that they’ve married “more submissive and correct” Asian women.

    Of course, Asian-American women who have jobs, a life and a career would be too “American/feminist” for these men.
    So, using their caveman reasoning they decide that Asian women are “more submissive” and go marry them.

    I fully expect many divorces in the years to come as they get the shcok of their lives when those “submissive” women start to get a clue about the misogynist to the core jerks they’re married to.

    • invalid-0


      Foreign women are often used as a tool to infuriate feminists and make a mockery of American feminism in general. Most frustrating, shaming language no longer works. It is reality that most women in the world are not American and not feminist. These men know that and gloat. Its not just Asia when considering the female population of Latin America and of course, the former Soviet states. The men are not being forced to find female company just two and half hours away from Miami in Costa Rica and other places. Its an easy choice for them and they freely admit and take pride in their intentions. The most brazen site regarding this phenomenon is this one:


    • invalid-0

      Marriages between couples in America have a 45% chance of divorce. Marriages between Americans and foreigners have a 20% chance of divorce.
      You too would do well to marry foreign. I can’t think of a good reason why you wouldn’t want to marry a foreign man. That is, unless you’re racist.

  • invalid-0

    will come to their senses too some day and then what are these guys going to do. Perhaps move to Mars? Bye Bye, See ya.

  • http://eternalbachelors.blogspot.com/ invalid-0

    So, using their caveman reasoning they decide that Asian women are “more submissive” and go marry them.

    It is The Fatal Flaw of American, Western, Feminist Women that you see compatibility and appreciation as “more submissive”. See, that’s the term YOU used, not us. Why? Because we are traveled, and know that is not the case. What they are is polite, refined, and appreciative of their man.

    AW are so messed up in the head that they mistake being a bitch for being strong, arguing over everything as being assertive, and being demanding as not being a doormat.

    Women in other nations tend to be horrified at the idea of losing their man due to poor bedroom performance. It is a matter of pride to keep him satisfied so that he won’t stray. AW take it as a matter of pride to make men pay for sex with emotional blackmail, curtailing access to sex, eventually reaching the point where most men have more sex with their wives in the first 6 months of their marriage, than they will in the next 40 years.

    Are all AW like this? No and I do not claim as such. But enough – most – are, to the point where it isn’t worth it anymore ladies. You have simply priced yourself out of the market by elevating your expectations – emotional, financial, spiritual, material, sartorial, efc – to the point beyond with all but 0.1% of men meet your insane standards.

    Oddly enough the Puritan sexual attitudes survive to this day in the USA. Women make men wait for sex, once married to them, and use it as a power move, a tool, a bargaining chip to get what they want.

    Thankfully the Puritan Culture is only in the USA and UK, and Latin America and S.E. Asia simply do not have these concepts.

    If one asks out a woman in Latin America or S.E. Asia, and they don’t like you or you are too old? Then they politely decline. Try that with an American Women and watch the snarky, emasculating, bitchiness fly at you at the speed of light. How dare a man beneath her station even DREAM of asking her out. Why how dare he! She deserves so much more. If this occurs at the office, she ends your career with a call to H.R. On the rest of the planet this is referred to as ‘normal human behaviour’, and asking a woman out at work is much more common.

    If you think Asian Women are “more submissive” then you clearly have never observed a Chinese wife address her husband.

  • invalid-0

    In response to leraco, I am a feminist, a mother, and a graduate level statistician. As such, I understood that having children would mean putting my career on hold and I accepted that. Now, as I pursue my career, my husband stays with the children.

    I do respect and appreciate my husband just as he respects and appreciates me. And I do take pride in pleasing him sexually but I expect him to return the favor. I have sex with him not because I want to show him my appreciation or gain something but because I like it!

    American women have been told since childhood that their sexuality is a commodity to be protected. It is not theirs to own but to give to the most worthy man. Women who own their sexuality do not use sex for personal gains or manipulation. They use it for pleasure. The answer to your problem is not submission by the female but a willingness to let women experience their bodies and their desires as the WONDERFUL things that they are. Teach a girl that she has a commodity between her legs and she will use it as such.

    In response to the accusation that women emasculate those men who dare to ask them out…this is something I have never experienced. I love knowing that a man finds me attractive and wants to spend time with me. Now that I am with my husband, all I say is “Thank you but I’m a married woman”.

    • invalid-0

      “American women have been told since childhood that their sexuality is a commodity to be protected. It is not theirs to own but to give to the most worthy man. Women who own their sexuality do not use sex for personal gains or manipulation. They use it for pleasure. The answer to your problem is not submission by the female but a willingness to let women experience their bodies and their desires as the WONDERFUL things that they are. Teach a girl that she has a commodity between her legs and she will use it as such.”

      You are certainly correct and this is having disastrous consequences for marriage and families in America. In general, women in America do not protect their sexuality. As you said, “They use it for pleasure.”

      What this means is that women feel free to sleep around with men who are not their husbands. They are “experiencing their bodies and desires” as you so put it.

      You stated that you are a graduate level statistician. Perhaps you know about this one. Women who have sex before marriage are 40% more likely than women who marry as virgins to get divorced.

      Women in the West have become unrestrained from their traditional responsibility of chastity and fidelity. No sane society would ever encourage extra-marital sex (this applies to both men and women) because the results are obvious:

      1) You will have fatherless children.

      2) You will have abandoned mothers.

      You won’t like what I have to say but it’s the truth. Women need to be taught that the “commodity between their legs” depreciates like a car the more it has been driven. In order to attract the highest quality buyer (suitor in marriage) they should insure that the car is brand spanking new off the lot with 0 mileage.

      The number of miles driven on the car and the social status of the buyer are almost always indirectly proportional.

      If a woman has no intention of marriage, then she should feel free to be driven around as a rental car.

  • invalid-0

    explain that one? My child grew up without a father because he chose to not be a part of her life. He left me for another woman. See some men are good some men are bad. It is the same for women some are good and some are bad. people should not be lumped into the same catogory.

    So SilverTide does virginity apply to men too? Because many men and women have strong sex drives regardless of gender.

  • invalid-0

    Words temporarily fail me, Silver Tide.

  • invalid-0

    Now we’re cars??? WTF?

    Silly me,I thought I was a person.

  • invalid-0

    Yes indeed. Chastity and fidelity are to be kept by both genders. Throughout most of the history of marriage men and women waited until after marrying to “consummate”.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re now a single mother. Were you married before you decided to create a child with this man? How long had you known him? Was he the kind of man that was popular with the ladies? A woman needs to take equal prudence in choosing a partner for life or she will end up in your situation.

    If he has left and plays no part in the child’s life, then you need to take action to insure he is held to his legal and financial responsibilities.

  • invalid-0

    When it comes to choosing a person to marry, yes, men and women are both commodities.

    Only after a couple has spent significant time together, ~20+ years, would I ever consider their relationship “love”. Those people have been through the ups and downs and still stuck together.

    Despite what the romance novels you read have been telling you, in this age and social climate, men do not marry for love. Yes, there are plenty of exceptions, but for most of human history, the purpose of marriage has been for the creation of children.

    The marriage environment in America has changed. The values are different, the legal code is different, stigmas have changed, etc… People are no longer people. We are commodities.

  • invalid-0

    my daughter and she is grown now, and yes he paid child support on his own. My situation was not normal the day I got engaged my mother died suddenly. It changed my life drastically in a second. Your are right that you should know someone well before you marry. I would have not married him if my mother had not died. It is to complicated to explain.

    I am glad you answered the question honestly about men not marrying for love. I think it is actually the same for women. Love is more than just emotion. It takes cultivating like a pearl.

  • invalid-0

    Don’t know what kind of novels you have been reading- comic books probably.
    While I don’t read romance novels- I’m much more partial to history and social/political commentary- perhaps you should read some romance novels, it might teach you something and you could find a mate without having to move oversees to purchase a submissive one.

    • invalid-0

      It’s amazing to me how not even your own men in your own country want you, yet you try and shame and bash them. You are not a high priced commodity when it comes to marriage. You are a scrape on the bottom of the barrel. Try going over seas yourself and see what men think of you there.

      Get some cats. All they care about is you feeding and petting them regularly. Men are not in your future.

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    “He left me for another woman. See some men are good some men are bad.”

    Let’s translate from womanese:

    “I married him, stop respecting him, got fat, cut my hair, and stop having sex with him. Then he had the ultimate gall to leave me, the princess allowed to do anything I want regardless of the consequences, for another woman.”

    Feminism seeks to remove the whole notion of consequences for bad decisions and bad behavior.

  • invalid-0

    In this case my husband was verbally abusive. No I did not get fat or ignore him, he ignored me!! Wow you guys here are hardheads you must all hate yourselves or have the GOD factor. What jerks just go to another planet or something and stop assuming things to make yourselves feel good.

  • invalid-0


    Anyone who thinks he is spot on in his assessment sound off please.

  • invalid-0

    There is so much hate in ALL of these comments MALE AND FEMALE In fact I would say the hate spewing is gender EQUAL! Obviously there are hurt people here or there would not be so many hateful comments. SOme men do not understand what it is like to live as a woman in this world and some women do not understand men.

    Obviously you did not read the above comment because of your anger, and I know my biology so you need not remind me.

    You have not added anything constructive either!!!

  • invalid-0

    Are you sure you are a woman anonymous? I don’t think so. I think you must have had it good and not been discriminated against. I used to stick up for men until one hit me. I changed fast. Maybe there are some discriminations against men but not like it is for women,sister. For one thing the reason men don’t wear dresses is because either they don’t want to or their own gender has made it impossible for them to feel or show any emotion other than anger!! I blame a lot of women for not sticking up for themselves. Men could easily do this if they really wanted to don’t think otherwise for a second.

    You need to get out in the world and find out for yourself before you start putting all of your own gender down, that is if you are a woman???

  • invalid-0

    He was verbally abusive? What did he call you? A bitch? Gee wonder why…

  • invalid-0

    Come on you can do better than that. I wonder why you think women are so bad because you are. You are full of hate just like many men and women. That is why many do not get along Hate that is all it is. Most of you need therapy. But that even would not help. Pity you.

  • invalid-0

    Wonderful! Just…wonderful.

    I have been predicting this for almost a decade now. With men on a “Marriage Strike” since the 90’s, marriage rates in general the lowest in recorded history, 1 in 3 children born in Ireland is NOT from the putative father, and now the Second Great Depression is moving towards full momentum.

    Yet what do the feminists do when faced with yet another dramatic, and perhaps final, decline in their societal “stock price” AND blistering (and growing by leaps and bounds I might add!) competition from the “foreign market” ? Why, the same thing they have done for the last 30 years…RAISE PRICES! General Motors? Dodge? Ford? The Western feminist? EPIC FAIL!

    I say all men simply move out of the cities, stash some canned goods and buckshot, then grab a 6-pack and big bowl of popcorn and watch the feathers fly. Me, I married a super hot young foreign girl 5 years ago, so no worries. The feminists are going down for the count, and their suffering will be of Biblical proportions.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of bolshevik sows.

  • invalid-0

    See? I was correct. I can spot em miles away.

  • invalid-0

    You are not fooling anyone.

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    Wow a new one to add to the list.That is so original Glenn! We don’t need slobs anyway.

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    I am not attempting to do any kind of fooling cupcake. I DO hate you and any feminist bitch like you. I have nothing but hatred to give to bitches like yourself which you very much deserve.

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