Obama Names Ambassador for International Women’s Issues

The AFP reports: "Obama
named Melanne Verveer, an aide in former president Bill Clinton’s
administration, as ambassador-at-large for international women’s
issues. She will serve at the State Department under Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton."

The appointment "is
unprecedented and reflects the elevated importance of global women’s
issues to the president and his entire administration," the White House
said in a statement.

Melanne Verveer is co-founder and currently co-chief
executive officer of Vital Voices Global Partnership, an international
nonprofit that invests in emerging women leaders.

The AFP adds, Verveer "also served as
executive vice president of People for the American Way, a civil rights
and constitutional liberties organization, ‘where she played a key role
in the passage of several landmark civil rights bills,’ it said."

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  • aspen-baker


  • micah-steffes

    This is great. 

    I now have a serious case of job-envy. When I grow up, I want to be be the Ambassador for International Women’s Issues…
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    Yay! Great job Obama :)

  • invalid-0

    Another great appointment by Obama. I am starting to have hope for women’s rights around the world, I really am. It’s about time women in developing countries had a voice in the United States. Congratulations Mr. President.

  • gogbama

    News certainly is worthy. I hope, that for loud words, real actions will follow. The former president adored similar theses, here only usually to it and was limited… (((

    President Obama makes impression of the clever and sustained politician, I think together we we will necessarily win also all at us it will be good!

  • http://applink.info invalid-0

    Well done Obama! Nobody could fit best for this post. Verveer thinks a lot of the problems facing women can be addressed by investing in women and training them to be community leaders. She helped strengthen women’s role in the developing world by training and mentoring more than 5,000 women leaders from 150 developing countries.