Obama to Repeal Ban on Stem Cell Funding, Washington Post Reports

President Obama will repeal the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research on Monday, the Washington Post reports

"Although the exact wording of the order has not been revealed, the
White House plans an 11 a.m. ceremony to sign the order repealing one
of the most controversial steps taken by his predecessor, fulfilling
one of Obama’s eagerly anticipated campaign promises," Rob Stein reports.

"Because stem cells obtained from very early embryos are believed
capable becoming any tissue in the body, scientists believe they could
lead to fundamental insights into the underlying causes of many
diseases and repair damage caused by a host of ailments, including
diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries, but extracting
them destroys the embryo."

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    President Obamas FAMOUS roll over on another one of Bush’s BAN–Stem Cell research gets a big HOOOORAY!!!

    Today news has the Pro Lifers talking about killing off bits and pieces of life, that’s in a stem cell, and calling it murder! I would just wonder how much longer is it going to take for these idiots to declare those trillions of people, mostly men who masturbate, to haul these people off to jail for murder!!
    These people are insane!

    Dominick J.