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    There is, unfortunately a bill making itself through the Arizona house that does indeed define many forms of birth control as abortion and states that a fertilized egg is an “unborn child”.

    “Unborn child” means the offspring of human beings from conception until birth.”

    This bill was introduced by the very people that pledged to get government out of the health care business, or assure access to fine health care. (Apparently just not for women)

    And here are the names of those fine legislators on the Committee which drafted and recommended this fine piece of legislation :

    Frank Antenori R
    Doris Goodale R
    Rick Murphy R
    Steve Court R
    Nancy K. Barto R

    Let’s get them and the other sponsors of this horrid bill defeated the next time they run for office.

    • wendy-banks

      It’s brainless gits like these Fundie wingnuts that made the choice to have my tubes tied when it was offered easy! One child is enough.

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    These conservatives are obviously as bad at biology as they are with Earth history, if they think the pill works by flushing out fertilized eggs.

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    Biology,Earth History, Geology???
    What’s that?:>)

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