Clinton to Name Human Rights Activist as Assistant Secretary of State

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to name human rights activist Michael Posner to the position of assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor, Bloomberg News reports.  Posner is currently the director of Human Rights First.  Reports Bloomberg:

Posner’s organization works with activists in countries
including Guatemala, Russia, Zimbabwe and Indonesia. He drafted
and campaigned for a 1992 U.S. law called the Torture Victim
Protection Act, designed to give victims of the most serious
abuses a remedy in U.S. courts, according to the Human Rights
First Web site.

In 1998, Posner led the group’s delegation to a Rome
conference where the statute for the International Criminal Court
was adopted, according to a short biography on the Web site. The
Obama administration has signaled support for the ICC, a tribunal
the Bush administration said didn’t offer adequate protections
against politically motivated prosecutions.


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