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    Not to be a jerk, but…

    Do poor, single women end up poor and single because they get pregnant? Or are they pregnant because, first, they were poor and single?

    Cause and correlation are not equivalent. You’re supposed to be an economist; don’t forget that.

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    Anonymous on February 18, 2009 – 8:31pm,

    To paraphrase your questions…

    QUESTION:”Do women end up poor and single because they got pregnant?”
    ANSWER: A woman may “end up” poor and single for many reasons. Caring for a baby while still a teenager is one of the them.

    QUESTION: “Are women becoming pregnant because they are poor and single?”
    ANSWER: No. Women are becoming pregnant because a sperm reached an ovum and the uterus was ready to accept the zygote. [OK it is more complicated than that, but you get my point.] Women [and their partners] who effectively utilize birth control or abstain will not become pregnant. There is no evidence that fertilized eggs don’t know if the uterus belongs to a “poor”, “wealthy”, “single” or “married” woman.

    Do young, unmarried, sexually active, “poor” women who don’t use birth control become pregnant at a different percentage rate than young, unmarried, sexually active “wealthy” women who don’t use birth control?

    What do the statistics show in regard to the percentage of “poor” and “wealthy” single teenage women who choose to terminate a pregnancy by having an abortion?

    I do apologize for this silly message. Your post makes no reference to the age of the woman at the time she gives birth to her child. This is an undeniablly strong contributing factor to economic status of the family.

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    EXCELLENT article!! Can’t imagine everyone not agreeing!

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    This is exactly what needs to be said! It is too bad that Obama “threw the contraceptive needs of women under the bus.” It is so myopic to save money now but not think of the long term consequences. For every $1 spent on birth control you save $4 later…

    When people are laid off, they get bored, they have sex. We do not need more unplanned pregnancies. When people are poor, they don’t have the money to pay for birth control. That’s why we need to pay for birth control.

    or maybe the real agenda here is that – there aren’t enough jobs, if we get women pregnant, then at least they will be out of the work force. thus less people we need to employ.

    (I don’t think that’s it.. but maybe that’s the Republican agenda)

    Also, people with children on the way are more likely to “behave” as employees and not “rock the boat”

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