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    Some women have physical issues that cause intercourse to be painful. It is even possible to have an “allergy” reaction to semen. Some women are also “frigid” because of emotional issues…fear of failing their mate, past sexual abuse, fear of disease or pregnancy that makes sex unappealing.

    Here, they know more about it than I do…


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    I have a male friend who had a girlfriend who couldn’t climax. He solved it by using a vibrator. Apparently, she climaxed like crazy. Since that, she was able to reach her orgasm on a regular basis. Maybe you can try it too and see what are the results.

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    There is not a big chemistry involved or it is not a very complex procedure. My wife never had it throughout first year of our sexual life. Fortunately, I am multi-orgasm and later we discovered that she could reach to orgasm after wetting with my semen. So everything changed after that. We tried it with several poses and positions. The best we could find is that she should be onside and continue sex until she will finish all the thing. Perhaps it varies from woman to woman but this is what we discovered.

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    I tihnk this site sddress the real facts, would like to see more.


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