Yes Means Yes: A LiveBlog Discussion of Female Sexual Power

Join RH Reality Check on Wednesday, February 4th at 3pm EST for a one-hour liveblog with Julia Serano and Latoya Peterson, contributors to the new book Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power & A World Without Rape.

Yes Means Yes, edited by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti, with a foreword by Margaret Cho, is the first of its kind – an anthology that looks not just at the ways in which rape affects females but ultimately how we can chart a new course towards a genuine understanding and respect for female sexual pleasure.

Latoya Peterson, a self-described hip-hop feminist and editor of
the blog Racialicious, will discuss her perspective on why it’s just as
crucial to teach our young people about "not rape" scenarios as they
navigate young adulthood as it is to teach them about rape. In Latoya’s
piece, "The Not Rape Epidemic" she writes, "Rape was something we could
identify, an act with a strict definition and two distinct scenarios.
Not-rape was something else entirely."

And writer, spoken word performer, trans activist Julia Serano
shares her thoughts on the ways in which our current discussion about
rape and sexual abuse is mired in the overly simplistic idea that men
are the oppressors and women the victims. As a transsexual, Serano has
a different take on rape culture: "The truth is that rape culture is a
mindset that affects each and every one of us, shaping how we view and
respond to the world, and creating double binds for both women and

We’ll take your questions before or during the conversation.  If you’d like to send them beforehand, address to Of course you can submit questions live during the chat this Wednesday, February 4th at 3pm eastern! As always,
we want to hear from you – share your thoughts, experiences, opinions.
Join us for a community conversation!

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