Obama Begs Waxman to Yank Birth Control from Stimulus

President Barack Obama has signaled he
will not go to bat for birth control in the economic stimulus bill — a
move likely to set off a firestorm among powerful forces in the
Democratic Party.

Obama has asked House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry
Waxman  (D-Calif.) to strip a plan to extend birth control coverage
under Medicaid from the stimulus package, the Associated Press
reports. The plea comes as Obama courts Republican support for the $825
billion package, for which he wants to see strong bi-partisan backing.

Republicans are up-in-arms
over the family planning provision, calling it a wasteful giveaway that
will not stimulate the economy. They claim it is an attempt by
Democrats to push through their expansion of health care agenda — via
an unrelated bill. Looking for an overwhelming victory out of the
gates, Obama has tried to placate such GOPers by stripping provisions
he would otherwise support — like bankruptcy reform, or in this case expanded health care coverage — to produce a bill Republicans will vote for en-masse.

Democrats argue the proposal is a smart fit for the plan to infuse Medicaid with $87 billion in federal money to shore up reeling state programs. The proposal could create health care jobs and thus offer the economy a boost, perhaps even faster than infrastructure spending. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says it is a money-saver in the long-term.

If Democrats concede to Republicans on the issue, which appears
likely according to the AP, many Democratic powerhouses, like Planned
Parenthood — which endorsed Obama — will feel betrayed. Women’s
advocates and health groups lobbied aggressively to convince the White
House and Congress to include money for expanded birth control coverage
in the stimulus bill. The groups had early success last week when the
House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a version of the stimulus
bill that included such language.

The final decision on the fate of the birth control provision is
expected Wednesday. Though health-care advocates might be angry with
Obama over his decision, the issue is not over for good.

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    Makes perfect sense – because the ability to delay having children has nothing to do with being able to work, or pursue your education or job training… if you’re a man. I’m glad the guys are working together to figure this one out.

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    It seems like this needs to stay as a purely economic issue. That can be looked at for another bill.

    I wrote a piece on my blog today about what is in the stimulus plan. Take a look.

    • http://www.msn.com/ invalid-0

      I appreciate your itemized list of the stimulus package. But, I’d have to research every single thing in order to understand exactly what is involved. My gosh, it looks like an absolute “grocery list” of everything imaginable. Can the government ever do anything in a way the average layman can understand?

      I’m not sure where the birth control issue would be included; but, I definitely think population control of that type is necessary, and very beneficial to the economy.

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    it’s not a “purely economic issue” if you’re a man.

    I am SO sick of clueless comments from people for whom reproductive autonomy is a mere abstraction.

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    Ah, wonderful. A bunch of dudes erasing the prospects of low-income women while enjoying the sexual autonomy they are automatically granted with at birth.

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    This article from RHrealitycheck explains why funding for contraceptives would HELP the economy.

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    So now we see the attacks on John McCain over contraception and birth control were merely political, since Obama is now taking the same position as McCain. Fool us once….

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    I really hope this is not going to become an ongoing thing. Why do we have to cave to the republicans again after the 8 years of hell they put us through? I think Obama was wrong and I let him know. E-mail the whitehouse, they even take phone calls.
    It is the principle of the whole thing in the long run preventing unplanned pregnancies will save money! Obama should not have given up so easily and I am mad about this.

  • http://momstinfoilhat.wordpress.com invalid-0

    How many votes did Obama gain by throwing out this provision.