Caroline Kennedy Withdraws Senate Bid

The next Senator from New York is going to be pro-choice, but he or she isn’t going to be Caroline Kennedy.  The New York Times reports that Kennedy will withdraw her bid for just-confirmed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.  The Times reports that her concern over her uncle’s poor health, an his seizure at President Obama’s inaugural luncheon, lead her to reconsider the position.  According to the Times’s source, New York Gov. David Paterson had told Kennedy that the job was hers "if she would accept it."

Though Kennedy had no public record on reproductive health, she did state publicly after making her ambitions known that she fully supported Roe.

The other front-runners for the position — Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Rep. Kristen Gillibrand — are all pro-choice. Gov. Paterson’s choice is expected imminently, as Clinton resigned her Senate seat today, just after being confirmed as Secretary of State.

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