Is This The End of Bush’s HHS Regulations?

From CNN’s Political Ticker (h/t to Amanda!):

WASHINGTON (CNN)– President Obama has wasted no time handling the Bush administration’s unfinished business.

White House officials tell CNN Obama Chief Staff of Staff Rahm Emanuel sent a memo Tuesday to all agencies and departments of the federal government. The memo halts further consideration of pending regulations throughout the government until a legal and policy review can be conducted by the Obama Administration.

Can we assume that the ill-intended and ill-advised HHS regulations that allow for health care providers, or any staff that work with said providers, to opt-out of providing patient requested health care services are included in the above?

The Obama administration has wasted no time in letting the women of this nation know he prioritizies our lives and health if so. 


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    I thought the same thing too at first, but I think the “pending regulations” qualifier is at odds with the fact that the new HHS regs took effect on the 19th :-(

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    That does make sense as the HHS regs did just go into effect. If that’s true we’ve got a long road ahead of us to get rid of the rules but I have faith it will be done. Thanks so much for commenting!

    Amie Newman

    Managing Editor, RH Reality Check

  • alexm

    I too have faith it will be done.  If we do not believe in this unprecented and progressive administration, what do we have to believe in? 


    The personal is political.

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    Hopefully what Obama will do is to suspend enforcement of this regulation. That he can do without a lengthy comment period. Then he can have Secretary Daschle begin formal procedures to get rid of the regulation, which will include another comment period. Everyone who submitted a comment in protest of the original regulation should resubmit it when the repeal process gets underway.

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