Birth Control Pricing Fix Introduced in the House

Before the economy’s sharp decline, college women and low-income women were already facing hurdles in accessing affordable birth control thanks to a legislative mistake that prevented university and community health centers from purchasing low-cost hormonal birth control.  We’ve documented the consequences of and resistance to this error, and yet despite widespread attention, Congress has not been able to fix the problem.  On Friday, Rep. Joseph Crowley re-introduced the Prevention Through Affordable Access Act, which will provide a no-cost fix to restore college and community health centers’ eligibility to buy low-cost birth control.  What are the legislation’s chances of passing?  "Last Congress, our Senate sponsor was then-Senator
Obama," said Angela Barranco, communications director for Rep. Crowley.  "But we were not getting a lot of
support from administration.  Now we have
a friend in the White House, whom we’ll work with to solve this quickly."

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