Update: On The Relationship Between Saddleback and PEPFAR

In her recent post, “Untold Consequences,” Kathryn Joyce writes that “[Rick] Warren and his fellow evangelicals brought new visibility to the issue; simultaneously, faith-based AIDS groups such as Kay Warren’s HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback Church began receiving significant funding through PEPFAR and disbursing it to organizations on the ground that follow their religious guidelines.”

Kay Warren wrote a comment on the post stating: “Saddleback Church [has] not received a penny of PEPFAR money.”

Due to an editing error, the statement was indeed incorrect. Records publicly available from the website of the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) do not show Saddleback Church as a direct recipient of PEPFAR funding.

However, expert sources for this article underscored that while there is no known direct funding link between Saddleback and PEPFAR, the key question is which of the organizations and churches in various countries affiliated with Saddleback have received funding from PEPFAR. RH Reality Check is investigating these links and will report back to our readers on this issue when we return from our publishing hiatus in January.

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