What Will the Future (of Reproductive Health and Rights) Look Like?

On Wednesday, December 17, reproductive health experts Marilyn Keefe of the National Partnership for Women & Families, William Smith of SIECUS, Heather Boonstra of Guttmacher Institute, Cristina Page of BirthControlWatch.org, and RH Reality Check’s own Kay Steiger came together with many loyal RH Reality Check readers for a live discussion about the future of sexual and reproductive health policy.

Click the “Replay” button below to read a full transcript of the discussion.



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    Reproductive health and family planning can be framed as positive elements of a total policy package that is environmentally friendly.
    Family planning has long been acknowledged as essential to environmental health; we need to make the link apparent, as a kind of reminder, and in a positive way.
    This will go a long way to override those concerns of “conscience.”

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    To clarify my last comment: No problem currently facing us is without a dimension composed of population pressures.

    The way to approach the problem humanely is with a full range of family-planning services.