New Radio Ads Say, Good Catholics Use Condoms

On this World AIDS Day, Catholics for Choice and the
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health are thrilled to announce the
launch of the first-ever Condoms4Life radio ads. The two Spanish-language ads
take on myths about condom use in Catholic and Latino communities and aim to
highlight the importance of condom use and that Good Catholics Use Condoms.
The radio campaign launches today in New
York City and will roll-out nationwide in 2009.

Using its core message of "Good Catholics Use Condoms," the
radio ads present a positive message to sexually active Catholics about responsibility
and caring for others. The ads appeal to people of faith with one of the
60-second spots stating: "I’m Catholic and there is nothing more important to
me than protecting family and love. That’s why I talked to my grandson about
condoms." The ads aim to remind people of faith that taking care of yourself
and caring for each other means using condoms when you are sexually active.

Despite a fierce misinformation campaign waged by the
Catholic hierarchy, we know that Catholic people the world over use condoms to
prevent the transmission of HIV. Catholics use condoms because we know it is
the responsible, loving and caring thing to do.

The first ad features a grandmother
speaking about her grandson, a gay man, who hears that Catholics are not
supposed to use condoms. She tells her grandson, "I took care of you because I
love you and if you love that man, you’ll take care of him, too."

The second ad features a couple and
models language that couples can use when discussing the importance of love,
faith and condom use in their relationship. The ad concludes, "We are Catholics
and people of faith and we know sex is sacred and that we need to take care of
each other. And this means using a condom every time we have sex."

We are delighted to be partnering on this innovative radio
campaign because we are committed to making sure that that the younger
generation of Latinos, who did not experience the scourge of AIDS in the 1980s
and 1990s, are making sure that sex is safer and that our partners and
ourselves are protected.

Working together, we recognize the special challenges Latino
communities experience. Latinos represent almost 20 percent of new HIV
infections occurring in the United
States and young Latinas are twice as likely
to face an unintended pregnancy as the general population. The Latino community
faces many health disparities and it is time that we protect ourselves and our

Largely because our religion has not always been honest about
sex, there exists an embarrassed silence around condom use. It is our hope that
we can show Catholic and Latino communities that it is time to break the
silence and proclaim, as these ads do, that good Catholics use condoms. We want
our communities to know that using condoms is one of the many ways that we can
be proactive and make smart decisions about our sexual health.

To listen to the ads or for more information, visit

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    Have you read Humane Vitae??? Good Catholics CANNOT use condoms, or any other contreception!!! This has been the teaching of the Church since ancient times. It was restated very strongly by Paul VI in Humane Vitae, it has been reitterated in John Paul II’s teachings (especially in his Theology of the Body) and it has been supported by His Holiness Pope Bennedict XVI. It is the constant teaching of the Church! DO NOT USE CONDOMS!!! DONT BELIEVE THE TEACHINGS OF THESE DISSIDANTS!!! THEY ARE TEACHING ERROR!!! I don’t mean to be harsh, but it worries me that this group is attempting to lead more people into sin and error.

    Omnes Sancti et Sanctae, Ora Pro Nobis

  • invalid-0

    This Ad targets previously lapsed Catholics.

    It may make them feel “Good”, but they are not
    practicing their faith. Lapsed Catholics should be honest enough to join a Protestant church and honest enough to
    acknowledge that condom use, homosexual sex and sex outside of matrimony is not Catholic.

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    Despicable. How dare this organization step in and tell people what is right from for Catholics to do. They are not practicing Catholics, they should be allowed to self-identify like they are! (I wish they could be taken to court for false advertising on that.) Condoms4Life? The website should be called because that is what it calls people to do: lapse from the faith and join the militant, activist, lapsed ‘Catholics’ of that organization which should be called “Lapsed Catholics for Choice” (or even more accurately, “Apostates for Contraception and Abortion”).
    It’s like a former vegetarian stepping in and telling vegetarians that it’s okay to eat meat and still call themselves vegetarians. They have no authority, especially moral authority, to step in and further undermine the already-insufficient Catholic catechesis and culture.
    ‘Catholic’ means universal; a Catholic professes the faith of this universal church as it has consistently been passed down to us, in union with people everywhere who hold those beliefs. If you DON’T profess it, then you need to re-evaluate something, do you not?
    Furthermore, there was an example that encourages grandparents to circumvent values that their grandchildren’s parents are trying to teach them. If my parents tried to do that to my (future) kids, they might never see my kids again if my outrage won out. It is very wrong to undermine parents, whether you’re a grandparent, teacher, or someone more distant and unrelated, like the people who created those radio spots. What is wrong with these people?
    For that previous poster, ease up on the capitalization and redundant punctuation, it just makes you look/sound crazy. I, for one, don’t even read posts when I see those.

  • invalid-0

    What????? First of all its idiot groups like this that are making it near impossible for todays youth to grow up and FIND someone who doesn’t need a condom. Condoms do not protect you from every disease out there. Second, GOOD Catholics don’t NEED condoms.

  • invalid-0

    What happened to “Good Catholics are not sexually active outside of marriage?” Actual “Good Catholics” don’t need condoms because they’re not engaging in pre-marital sex or adulterous sex. But, I guess the message of abstinence and what it really means to be a “Good Catholic” goes against this group’s purpose.

    Abstinence certainly goes today’s “me” mentality where the main purpose in life seems to be obtaining whatever you want, whenever you want it and using any means you feel like.

    Plus as someone mentioned, the whole message of “use condoms and be safe” is bogus. When the so-called “experts are pinned down, they will admit, at least the honest ones, that they would never trust a condom to protect them from someone with a sexually transmitted disease.

    So instead of a true message of safety and respect for the human body through abstinence until marriage, we get a message of indulge in your lustful desires whenever you want and you need to give into others lustful desires to use your body because after all, everyone else is doing it. May God have mercy on our souls!

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    My dear friend Suzanne sure did. She and her fiance were virgins until their wedding night. Unfortunately, he had tried sharing a needle at a high school graduation party.
    She nursed him until he died from AIDS. Then, she got a little happiness from a brief remarriage until she too died from AIDS.
    She was good. I still miss her.

  • invalid-0

    Please see my comment below.
    Is it better for people to die from a terrible disease than to use condoms?
    You can’t generalize about how individual people contract HIV. For example, will you enforce celibacy on every child who was born with the virus and who is lucky enough to live to adulthood? There are some now, you know.

  • invalid-0

    I am very heartened to see the responses here. All of you guys are correct that true practicing catholics do not need condoms precisely because of their faithfulness to the Church’s teaching.

    Don’t despair about this hubris on these dissident’s part, they will be ejected from the Church soon, most likely within the next 10 years or so. I sense a crackdown on this type of pseudo-magisterial teaching coming soon.

    The election of obama has brought out a lot of good by galvanizing the faithful (the real ones) into action. We are catechizing ourselves and our little one’s in the true faith with the older materials that the liberals like these despise. With the respectful liturgy being reintroduced, we already see that the faithful are emboldened to defend the faith by the grace of God.

    It won’t be much longer folks, just strap yourselves in, it is gonna be a bumpy ride.

    Fiat Voluntas Tua

  • invalid-0

    What a joke! Faithful Catholics are intelligent and they know the Church is right; the only “safe sex” is abstinence and faithful sex in marriage. Sexually transmitted diseases are exploding everywhere that “safe sex” is preached and condoms are given out for free. Wake up already and admit it doesn’t work! There is no such thing as “safe sex”, the concept is a fraud. Anyone who thinks condoms are effective in stopping disease ask yourself this: would you stick a condom on your hand and dip it in blood infected with HIV and STD’s knowing that there’s a fairly good chance the condom will break? Here’s a plan: teach people if they act like dogs in heat then there are consequences, you could get a disease and die. Just like if you smoke you could get lung cancer. Hmmm an interesting concept; there are actually consequences to our actions. God’s laws are to protect us.

  • invalid-0

    This is all so complicated and all the comments seem to mee too simple, first the teaching against contraceptives applies to sacrementally married couples. As noted by some above, the ummarried are supposed not have sex ay all. That being sadi the Church is not perfectionistic; in fact NO CATHOLIC lives entirely by the teachings of the church. For example, even as I post this I am obligated to remember the obligations of charity in my comment and may well fail. Mea Culpa. In addition to sinning, Catholic may well respectfully dis agree with the non-infallible doctrines of the Church, so lonag as they adhere to the Infallible Dogmas of the Church. So these advertisers may say; I’m Catholic but I believe it’s right to use a ccondom if you are going to fornicate anyway. What they may NOT do is say:
    It is Okay for Catholcis to use condoms. The teachings of the Church (both fallible and infallible)come only the Pope or the college of bishops. No one else may speak on behalf of teh Church, though they may on their own behalf. It sounds like these ads cross that line and presume to contradict teh Bishops about a matter of doctrine and hold it up as true, rather then simply respectfully disagreeing this is a crucial distinction.

  • invalid-0

    Love does not need to be “protected”.

    • invalid-0

      Yes, but young people who make bad choices do.

  • invalid-0

    My condolences on the loss of your friend.

    However she certainly cannot have needed a condom. The rather bizarre circumstance of having married a man who could manage to retain his virginity while engaging in self-destructive illicit needle use has to come under the normal heading of “for better or for worse”. We’ve all done things that we wish we could take back, and sometimes the consequences are deadly. I am assuming that neither of them knew he had AIDS before the wedding–obviously they would not have married if they had known.

    The only way that condoms could have protected her is if they used one every time, from the wedding night and forever after, while both believing that neither of them had any sexually transmissible diseases. And that wouldn’t have been a marriage.

    And, obviously, if everybody did that, AIDS would no longer be a problem because the human race would die out.

    I am sorry, as I said, for the loss of your dear friend. Please stop invoking her name in support of the indefensible.

  • invalid-0

    Whose blood?

    You cannot be referring to your friend, who died, with her husband, because of illicit and unfortunate actions that he himself committed.

    I hope you will note that if everybody conducted their sex lives the way the Church teaches, AIDS would not be a problem. HIV became an epidemic because of the promiscuous behaviors of gay men in “bathhouses”. The prohibited, immoral activities they favor happen to be a uniquely efficient means of transmitting HIV.

  • invalid-0

    Fisrt, The question below, “Is it better for people to die from a terrible disease than to use condoms?” presents a false-dichotomy. In other words, there are other alternatives that could be both moral (from a Catholic perspective not using condoms) and not involve death from a disease.

    Second, really when we are talking about what good Catholics do and what good Catholic leaders teach, the temporal world that we live in does not offer the worst possible out come. Death from a disease is not nearly as bad as eternal death due to sin. A responsible, loving Catholic leader with a properly formed conscience needs to let people know when and how they are endangering their soul, which is much more important than their temporal body.

  • invalid-0

    First, your question, “Is it better for people to die from a terrible disease than to use condoms?” presents a false-dichotomy. In other words, there are other alternatives that could be both moral (from a Catholic perspective not using condoms) and not involve death from a disease.

    Second, really when we are talking about what good Catholics do and what good Catholic leaders teach, the temporal world that we live in does not offer the worst possible out come. Death from a disease is not nearly as bad as eternal death due to sin. A responsible, loving Catholic leader with a properly formed conscience needs to let people know when and how they are endangering their soul, which is much more important than their temporal body.

    In fact, by having proclaimed the truth, and shared the correct moral behavior that would make the person both temporally and eternally safe (which is what the church has done with regards to sexual ethics) the blood is no longer on Catholic leader’s hands.

  • invalid-0

    The implication of the allegation that Catholic hierarchy are doing something bad by preaching against condom use is obvious. It is a mythical someone who blithely has extramarital sex but dedicatedly refrains from condoms for religious reasons. I’d like to see that. Get real.

    This type of campaign can’t seriously be expected to do anything more than make people who would use condoms anyway feel better about their indiscretions. It can’t seriously be expected to increase condom usage among good Catholics. It is not about promoting health but rather an attack on the Catholic Church.

    A prerequisite for being a good Catholic is accepting the religion. The religion prohibits condom usage. Ergo good Catholics don’t wear condoms. It ain’t rocket science. And good Catholics believe that God’s truths are sourced from the Catholic hierarchy so they will hardly believe something which any intelligent person can see requires rejection of that.

    The comparison with telling vegetarians that they can eat meat yet still call themselves vegetarians is very on point.

  • emma

    You people are being ridiculous. Firstly, married people can get HIV too, if either of the partners has ever had sex with anyone else. What about if one partner cheats and contracts HIV? Why should the non-cheating partner have to suffer? Secondly, you’re not living in reality. While you may consider it ideal for people not to have sex until they’re married, the vast majority of people aren’t perfect saints, and it’s important to consider practicality rather than what people ‘should’ do. Thirdly, HIV can be transmitted from mother to child, which means that the options for people in this situation are a) never, ever have sex; b) obey the church hierarchy, have sex without condoms, and risk infecting their partner; or c) use condoms.


    It’s all very well for the church hierarchy – a bunch of celibate men who don’t live in the actual world – to preach against condoms, but most of us have to live in reality, in which people *do* have sex outside of marriage, and *do* cheat. There *are* people who’ve been infected as infants, or by IV drug use, or during rape. There *are* still people who were infected during blood transfusions in the ’80s.


    To the person above who believes that HIV is the fault of gay men – that’s not just homophobic, but outright untrue.


    Stop living in fantasyland, people.

  • invalid-0

    Married people who are faithful to one another will seldom get AIDS, but if one of them does the other one will suffer.

    At a very minimum, he or she will watch the loved one die horribly, and have to wonder for some time if he or she will also die horribly.

    It is mind-boggling to suggest that somehow condom use will ameliorate that suffering.

    Condoms are not effective enough at preventing disease transmission to risk having sex with a known HIV positive partner. From a scientific/medical perspective, these people should certainly not be having sex. There is *no* safe sex with an HIV positive partner.

    It is certainly possible that a loving Christian spouse would continue the sexual part of the marriage when the partner is infected, but that decision would be based on faith and not science.

    Faith in God, that is–faith in the condom is faith misplaced.

  • invalid-0

    “It is certainly possible that a loving Christian spouse would continue the sexual part of the marriage when the partner is infected, but that decision would be based on faith and not science..”

    LOL! How romantic.
    And you folks wonder why we do not want you ‘educating’ our children about human sexuality or what you think of as morality or, for that matter, science.

  • invalid-0

    Which part do you disagree with?

    The part where I said that a person making decisions based on science would not need a condom, because she would not be having sex with her infected spouse?

    Or the part where I said that any decision to continue having sex with an infected partner is necessarily a faith-based decision?

  • emma

    Actually, condoms are very effective at preventing HIV transmission.


    From — 

    "Condoms provide highly effective protection against HIV
    infection when used correctly with every act of intercourse. All 10 cohort studies conducted
    through 1995 that evaluated condom use among heterosexual couples showed that consistent
    condom use protected against HIV.

    The most convincing evidence of condom effectiveness comes from studies of HIV-discordant
    couples—couples in which one partner is infected with HIV and the other is not.
    Studies of such couples have found low risks of HIV infection among consistent condom users. In three recent studies infection rates were less than 1%
    per year among consistent condom users. A multicountry European study of 256
    HIV-discordant couples followed for an average of 20 months found that not one infection
    occurred among such couples using condoms during every sex act.”


    There are many, many credible sites that will make my point.


  • invalid-0

    I disagree with your entire post.

  • invalid-0

    And they’re faithful while in marriage. So they don’t need condoms.

  • invalid-0

    For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?

    When you lose trust in God, you have lost the faith.

    The path to salvation is narrow my dear Catholics. Don’t let your ego fool you, life on Earth is short, eternal life is forever.

  • invalid-0

    Emma and others,
    I cannot say the words that can change your mind in one sitting if you don’t believe that the Catholic Church teaches the beauty and goodness of sexual love in the context of marriage. I am always sorry to hear somebody defend, tooth and nail, this broken world’s misconceptions about and distortions of God’s plan for sexual union between husband and wife.
    It is unfortunate that you subscribe to the delusion as your reality. Something inside you must know that the world’s moral incontinence is an un-fulfilling way to see the world. It’s a delusion; it is NOT the reality.
    All of us understand that this world is imperfect and the actions of many are scandalous to the faithful. Sometimes we look at our own personal history in horror. But we are taught in the Catholic Church that we are all called to sainthood (that is, to attain heaven) even if we never meet another holy person in our life. “Every one’s doing it” is no defense for one’s transgressions. There is forgiveness for us.
    In the Catholic faith, infidelity and misuse of the sexual embrace are very grave matter. If one’s spouse is unfaithful, one would be just in separating from him and living celibately without him, although still married to him in reality. If one’s spouse has contracted an STD through infidelity, that is all the more reason to separate from him. As another poster said, there are consequences for our actions and sometimes these consequences impact those we love. Sometimes we’re afflicted by the consequences of others’ actions. Welcome to reality: a condom doesn’t take that away. An HIV infected person is a loaded gun. I’m sorry, it’s true, regardless of whether there’s a condom over the barrel of that gun.
    I don’t want to make it sound like there’s no mercy for those who fall in sin (that’s all of us). There is SO MUCH mercy available through Christ. Christopher West and Jason Evert and Joshua Harris tell stories of friends who have known God’s mercy after repenting of lives of premarital adultery and have fruitful marriages and lives. (A man can commit adultery against his future wife and vice versa…this should be seen as sorrowful rather than normal)
    Btw, I thank God for “those celibate men” way over there in Rome, as well as celibate and non-celebate men AND women, servants of God across the world in the Mystical Body of Christ. Their prayers and holiness have a profound effect on all of us and their wisdom about sex and marriage has saved my soul, I think. They know what they’re talking about, more than perhaps 90% of married people. I want to challenge you and anybody who speaks against the faith to expose themselves to Pope John Paul II’s lessons on the Theology of the Body.
    It is utterly absurd to think that the Catholic Church is prudish or that holy men like our Popes do not understand this matter. The Catholic Church teaches that the marital union (sex within marriage) is NOT bad, it is so good that it’s sacred! It is beautiful, it is holy, it is a spiritual symphony that God rejoices over.
    If you believe that the Catholic Church doesn’t teach the beauty of love between a man and a woman, you are being misled, kept from the truth. The REALITY is so much more beautiful than the unsatisfying lies that you hold onto. Please be open to reeducating yourself on this.

  • invalid-0

    When I read your brief blurb, it troubled me. We have many brothers and sisters, even some canonized saints, with sexual sin in their pasts. I just want to make sure that it is stated for the record that we believe God’s mercy is available to those who ask Him for it. I think we should bend over backwards to make that known because it’s already so hard to repent…we don’t need people thinking that there’s nothing to do to come back from these things.
    Additionally, I think STD’s are actually irrelevant to the Catholic objection to contraception. With or without STD’s, people only “need” contraception in their lives as much as they “need” an extra hole in the head, so to speak. (they don’t need it, it hurts them)

  • invalid-0

    Please let me be clear. For those of us who are uber-fertile…contraception is a necessity that does not hurt us.

    Contraception does not cause hurt to women who do not want to get pregnant and men who do not want to impregnate women.

    For married couples whose familial economic-well being, personal aspirations, and career goals depend on limiting and spacing the children is their households, contraception is necessary and desirable.

  • invalid-0

    This story shows how stupid “Progressives” are. Practicing Catholics don’t need condoms to protect them from HIV/AIDS. And non practicing Catholics don’t care what the Catholic Church teaches let alone some phony Catholic organization like “Catholics for Choice”.

  • invalid-0

    You disagree with my *entire* post?!?

    That’s some world-class disagreement!

    You disagree with even the first paragraph:

    “Married people who are faithful to one another will seldom get AIDS, but if one of them does the other one will suffer.”

    To disagree with that, you must believe that a married person whose partner gets AIDS will *not* suffer.

    I imagine that you don’t, actually, disagree with my entire post.

  • invalid-0

    “Actually, condoms are very effective at preventing HIV transmission.”

    Bologna. Condoms aren’t even very effective at preventing pregnancy. Condoms break.

    “…not one infection occurred among such couples using condoms during every sex act.”

    This may be an valid conclusion from this study, but it is meaningless without information about how many sex acts actually occurred.

    Possibly the number is zero, or close to zero.

    It isn’t ethically possible to do a meaningful study of condom use in “HIV-discordant” couples. A control group would have to consist of similar couples who think they’re using condoms but aren’t. Who would volunteer for such a study? Who would be so reckless as to conduct it?

    Studies can generally show whatever you want them to show, but it’s hard to imagine anyone having sex with their HIV positive partner whether or not some study says it’s okay.

  • invalid-0

    Congratulations on your uber-fertility! It is a gift.

    However, nobody gets pregnant who doesn’t have sex on or around the time of her ovulation. The only reason to consider artificial contraception is so that you can ignore your body and have sex without thinking about it, without regard to your cycle. This is good for neither you nor your partner.

    There are easy methods to determine when you are likely to be ovulating. It does require some diligence and intelligence on the part of the woman, and intelligence and respect on the part of the man

    Good sex is worth it.

  • invalid-0

    This is one of the issues I’m at odds with the Catholic leadership. I think it’s morally wrong and dangerous for them to say using contraceptives is against our Catholic faith. They keep preaching that the right way is to use the natural body cycle method , but it has been proven very ineffective and successful.

    I say that the clergy is out of touch with reality , they keep preaching with their holier than thou attitude while keeping a blind eye and deaf ear on the problems that spring out because of their teachings.

  • invalid-0

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  • invalid-0

    This campaign and the C4C in general has a lack of audience:

    Good Catholics won’t have sex outside of marriage and thus won’t have a reason to use condoms inside of marriage.

    Bad Catholics will have sex outside of marriage and won’t regard the anti-life ramifications of birth control or condoms.

    The first ad features a grandma talking to her gay grandson and saying that he should use condoms when he has sex with men. It’s not the condom that is inherently evil, it’s a piece of plastic. It’s trying to avoid the natural consequence of sexual intercourse, which is reproduction. Homosexual sex is not capable of reproduction and is intrinsically disordered.

    So if we live by God’s laws and resist our base desires to have sex outside of marriage, we won’t have to worry about diseases being spread.

    Embrace Life!

    (Funny how this site is called “Reproductive Health Reality Check” and most of the information is about how to prevent reproduction and to kill children.)

  • invalid-0

    Personally the Catholic Clergy are being unrealistic and unreasonable. They think that it’s so easy to prevent pre-marital sex just because they say it’s wrong , people are imperfect and more often than not they will slip up several times.

    To deny their congregation access to condoms and other contraceptives is wrong and irresponsible , they can preach about the morality of waiting for marriage before having sex but that won’t stop the rise of teenage pregnancies and population explosions thanks to their edicts.

  • invalid-0

    Its a shame that it takes a commercial to convince someone that using a condom will prevent unwanted pregnancy (yes married people too use condoms), the spread of disease, and a plethroa of other problems. Everyone who is aniti condom -answer me this…. What do you do when you are married, your wife contracts a disease from working in the health care field, and the only way for you to not contract that disease is through the use of condoms. Did they not forsee this issue 700 years ago.. yea, I didnt think so. Ignorance is bliss.

  • invalid-0

    The message on Condoms4Life radio ads should be viewed positively as something that leads us on the right path. There is nothing more devastating than to contract sexually transmitted disease and then suffer the consequences later. Somehow it is also up to a person on how they want to interpret the message as something good or bad.

  • invalid-0

    Condoms are not the problem–sex outside of marriage is.