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    hey im 15 and a few hours ago i was having sex with my partner and it was great we had a drink and then had sex again and then we had something to eat and a drink and went for a third time but i couldnt get it up this time.
    it was so embarasing becus she realy wanted it she was pulling me on top of her and i just cudnt get it up and she probly thinks i dont like her now when i realy do

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    I hate it when that happens. What a good response heather!

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    Hey Heather thanks for the info. Really useful stuff, i’ll keep it in mind!

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    Thanks dude. I’ll make sure my little soldier stands to attention more often. Haha.

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    Thanks so much for this! Heather you’re a star.

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    Hey man, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. I think you were just too nervous, being your first time and all. You probably wanted it to be perfect and you put a lot of pressure on yourself.
    Once you relax a bit and see that the whole thing is not such a big deal you’ll probably do just fine. Your soldier probably just needs a little bit of field time.

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    hey Im 18 and this happened to me too with my girlfriend which i love but it wasn’t our first time i started off good going in and out but then just out of no where it wasn’t erect anymore so she was disappointed in me and got mad because she thought i wasn’t comfortable enough with her what should i do????

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