VIDEO: Sen. Hillary Clinton Considered for Secretary of State

Just last week, after hearing that rabid anti-choicers Richard Lugar and Chuck Hagel were being seriously considered for Secretary of State, Jane Hamscher begged, "Can we please have a pro-choice Secretary of State?"

Well, how about champion of women’s health and rights Sen. Hillary Clinton? NBC’s Andrea Mitchell broke the "first real thunderbolt of the transition" (so says Rachel Maddow) that Clinton is being considered for the position in the Obama administration.

Other names now under consideration are committed pro-choicers Sen. John Kerry and Gov. Bill Richardson, a former UN ambassador.

Clinton recently met with President-Elect Obama in Chicago; sources told CNN that the Obama requested the meeting to discuss Clinton’s future in his administration.

Mitchell reported that Clinton has said she "absolutely" doesn’t want to serve on the Supreme Court.

Whatever happens, the leak is big news, says Maddow: "Hillary Clinton is nobody’s stalking horse."

Watch The Rachel Maddow Show excerpt below:

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