Nobel Prize Winners Cite the Bush War on Science in Supporting Obama

Seventy-six American Nobel Prize winners endorsed Barack Obama in a letter (PDF) citing the anti-science policies of the Bush Administration:

During the administration of George W. Bush, vital parts of our
country’s scientific enterprise have been damaged by stagnant or
declining federal support. The government’s scientific advisory process
has been distorted by political considerations. As a result, our once
dominant position in the scientific world has been shaken and our
prosperity has been placed at risk. We have lost time critical for the
development of new ways to provide energy, treat disease, reverse
climate change, strengthen our security, and improve our economy.


Eggs Have Human Rights?Eggs Have Human Rights?

The sexual and reproductive health community awaits the latest attack on science from the Bush Department of Health and Human Serivces, in the form of a "refusal clause" allowing medical professionals to deny contraception to patients based on personal beliefs. The religiously motivated attempts to conflate contraception with abortion, to promote failed abstinence-only policies, and to approve government approval of emergency contraception are just a few examples of how the far-right has attemtped to thwart science in favor of their narrow ideology. They have also denied researchers access to the most promising embryonic stem cells to find cures for many diseases, and at the same time are trying to declare fertilized eggs should haveStem Cell VideoStem Cell Video fully human rights.

Newshogger noted:

I’m sure the decision to support Barack Obama was made a lot easier last week when Sarah Palin scoffed
at the use of federal money for research using fruit flies.  Most sixth
graders know the dominant role fruit flies have played in the
understanding of genetics, including the understanding of birth defect

Or, perhaps, it was Ms. Palin’s belief that humans and dinosaurs inhabited the earth at the same time, about 6,000 years ago.


Katharine Mieszkowski at Salon noted:

While the letter that the Nobel laureates signed does not actually mention John
McCain or Sarah Palin, the chemists, physicists and physiologists can’t
have been impressed by the GOP candidates’ recent scoffing on the
campaign trail at a major grizzly bear study and important fruit fly research.

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    I often think about a friend of mine who is an enviromental scientist who is taken back like many americans and myself by the Bush administration’s and a potential McCain/Palin administration outright attack on science. She says it kills her to see these religious folk attack science yet use it when say their life depends on it. All the great things we have today have come from scientific research like IVs, plastics, drugs, standard items in our home, etc geez the list goes on yet these people are willing to condemn it but use it? I say if you are going to condemn it live without it. Obama is defintely the right choice for science and well all things! Peace, Liz.