In Wake of Massive Immigration Raids, Agriprocessors VP Arrested

At the Iowa Independent, Lynda Waddington reports that Sholom Rubashkin, former chief executive officer and vice president at
Agriprocessors and son of company founder Aaron Rubashkin, was arrested on a
criminal complaint that alleges the man conspired in
immigration-related offenses. Lynda writes,

The criminal complaint is the first against any high-level member of
Agriprocessors management and comes in the wake of a massive May 12
immigration raid at the plant. In all, 389 workers — nearly half the
plant’s workforce — were detained by Immigration and Customs
Enforcement officials.

Lynda has done extensive reporting on the Agriprocessors raids and the devastating impact of both the raids and the workplace abuse on immigrant women and their families.

Her initial report of the abuse faced by immigrant women is here. Her report on immigrant families’ recovery after the raids is here

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