Election Night Live Blogging

Our Election Night Live Blogging event has ended. The discussion transcript is still available to peruse below.

Whether you are toasting the end of the far-right, or ordering doubles trying to figure out what went wrong, don’t just watch history being made on election night, join our Election Night Live Blogging party featuring many RH Reality Check writers, leaders from the reproductive health and justice community and information direct from the ground on important ballot initiatives.



Our audience of political junkies won’t sit back watching results passively, so RH Reality Check will be blogging live from all around the country and the world with special focus on sexual and reproductive health races. Will pro-choice Republican moderates get wiped out? Are anti-choice extremists in Congress going to get whipped by centrist backlash? Do eggs get rights in Colorado? Will women and teens keep their rights in South Dakota and California? Are pro-life Dems going to support the pro-education, pro-prevention agenda?

Emily Douglas will be blogging live from Comedy Central’s "Indecision 2008" featuring Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to provide some star-studded fun, and we’ll have sexual and reproductive health experts providing analysis nationally. Todd Epp, Editor of South Dakota Watch will keep us tuned into the latest on Measure 11; Wendy Norris, Editor of Colorado Confidential will be our eyes and ears on Proposition 48 along with Sarah Fong from the campaign; Representatives from the No On Proposition 4 campaign will bring us the scoop on the parental notification measure in California. RH Reality Check writers Anna Clark, Gloria Feldt, Cristina Page, Frances Kissling, Carole Joffe, Kay Steiger, Sarah Seltzer, Amie Newman, Scott Swenson, Brady Swenson, Sarah Fong and Lindsay Beyerstein along with leaders from Planned Parenthood and other progressive reproductive health organizations will join us. Stop by make your voice heard!

Launch that browser or make sure your election night party has a blogger room and keep a tab open with RH Reality Check for this historic election night!



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  • invalid-0

    In Rochester Michigan, when my wife and I voted this morning, there were lines longer than either of us have ever seen.

  • anna-clark

    Thanks for caring enough to withstand the lines. Rachel Maddow  made the  interesting observation about how long lines are a new form of poll tax–only folks that can afford the time (away from work, kids, etc.) will remain in line.

    I’m so glad to see Michigan so engaged in this election. Seriously. I did volunteered at the Obama office in Detroit on Sunday and was shocked at how many people there were there. One guy from Germany flew in at his own expense–just to volunteer for Obama in Detroit.




  • scott-swenson

    Indeed – thanks for staying in line and letting us know.  For people interested in the types of issues being reported around the country, check out Election Protection Live, and remember to report any problem you have by calling 866-OUR-VOTE, ask for an election monitor at your polling place and stay in line.  The margins in many states and many races will be close and it is important that everyone vote, and vote be counted.

    Be the change you seek,

    Scott Swenson, Editor

  • harry834

    Is this the right place? Will others be able to see?

  • brady-swenson

    We will begin the live blog in the Cover it Live window above at 8PM EST. We look forward to your participation on this exciting night!


  • invalid-0

    I’m so proud of my home state of PA, and our neighbor, Ohio. Thank you, thank you all who voted there. We’re in South Carolina, where people worked so hard to turn this place from Blue to Red– seems we weren’t successful but we’ll keep on trying year after year.
    Tomorrow morning we could find ourselves thinking and acting in a new world. Thanks RH Reality Check for all that you offer.

  • sayna

    Looks like it’s done… Hmm… 7:18 here on the west coast. Oh well, it was great!