VIDEO: NBC McCain-Palin Interview: Is an Abortion Clinic Bomber a Terrorist?

NBC’s Brian Williams asked Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin about their attacks on Sen. Barack Obama and his association with Bill Ayers, and if they would define abortion clinic bombers as domestic terrorists.

Palin said she wouldn’t condone such actions and ultimately worked her way to saying that “terrorist” would be defined as anyone who seeks to destroy innocent Americans, meaning that she seems to agree that abortion clinic bombers are terrorists. McCain felt the need to to clean up the answer later in the interview saying that anyone who breaks the law, including bombing an abortion clinic, should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Here’s an idea — how about just de-politicizing private, personal health care decisions that individuals should make for themselves, and repudiating the extremist rhetoric of the anti-choice protesters that create a culture where clinic violence is celebrated. Better yet, how about repudiating the lies being told right now in mailers, robo-calls, and in TV ads about the so-called “Born Alive” bill that contribute to the culture of anti-choice extremism and violence.

McCain has previously said he was "proud of everyone attending our rallies" which includes Paul Schenck who has been linked to numerous acts of violence, including the murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian. Former Republican Congressman and host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe has regularly suggested the media discuss Ayers more, but has yet to raise the McCain-Palin links to these un-repetent domestic terrorists. Schenck was recently given VIP passes to a McCain-Palin rally.

Later in the interview in a discussion of elites, McCain defines an elite as someone who “thinks they can dictate to America what they believe, instead of letting Americans decide for themselves.” That seems to make the McCain-Palin views on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, “elitist”.

Other anti-choice extremists have been linked to efforts in Colorado to pass a law giving all fertilized eggs human rights, while many conservative, pro-life Republicans have been openly taking a stand against the extremism in the anti-choice movement calling for a change in the abortion debate. Several Republican leaders, including Gen. Colin Powell, have suggested one reason they are supporting Obama is because the Republican Party has moved too far to the right and adopted an extremism that causes them concern.

In the same interview Palin was asked if she is a feminist, and again dodged the question preferring not to associate herself with "labels" even though she is a member of Feminists for Life.



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    “Here’s an idea — how about just de-politicizing private, personal health care decisions that individuals should make for themselves, and repudiating the extremist rhetoric of the anti-choice protesters that create a culture where clinic violence is celebrated. Better yet, how about repudiating the lies being told right now in mailers, robo-calls, and in TV ads about the so-called “Born Alive” bill that contribute to the culture of anti-choice extremism and violence.”

    Yes, violence against abortion “doctors” are deplorable.

    But I find it funny that the whole pro-life movement is indicted on those few instances.

    If the pro-life movement is marked as extremist for few deaths of abortion doctors, what does it say then about the pro-choice movement which leads to over 50 million deaths?

    It is like people in Nazi Germany throwing a fit at one of the Nazis being killed for that Nazi’s heinous acts in extermination camps, while thousands are murdered daily there!

    Yes, abortion IS murder.

    It involves violent act against a human being, which in this case is a baby in the womb. And being that this is the baby in the womb, it makes the act against the most defenseless human being.

    So if it is extremism for pro-lifers to say abortion is wrong and should be illegal, then what does it say about the extremism of those who commit murder on a daily basis AND those who condone or find that acceptable?

    I say the latter is far more extremist.

    The pro-life movement in general condemned violent acts of people who kill abortion doctors.

    Last I check, pro-choicers don’t condemn the much more heinous act of violence against the most defenseless human being- the unborn baby. And millions upon millions of the unborn are murdered everyday.

    What does it say about rationale when pro-choicers condemn the whole pro-life movement on a few acts of violence agaisnt the abortion “doctors” yet see nothing wrong with far more deaths inflicted by those very doctors and others on their side of the debate?

    The argument of a person has private right to do with that person’s own property is same argument in the 1800s as it is today. Except, in the 1800s Southerners argue they have right to do what they please with their own PRIVATE property, which in this case were black slaves, without government interference. Today, feminists and pro-choicers argue women have right to do as they please with their PRIVATE property, which in this case are babies, to point of KILLING them.

    THe reason why the privacy argument don’t wash is because private acts are allowed as long as they don’t harm another person’s life, liberty, and property. Abortion violates another person’s life, just as slavery violates another person’s liberty. And both had sanctions from the Supreme Court cases (Dred Scott and Roe v Wade), which appeals to same arguments you used with privacy.

    “Later in the interview in a discussion of elites, McCain defines an elite as someone who “thinks they can dictate to America what they believe, instead of letting Americans decide for themselves.” That seems to make the McCain-Palin views on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, “elitist”.”

    Then by your logic, that makes abolitionists against slavery elitists since they in the period before the Civil War also wanted to dictate to America what they believe instead of letting slaveowners decide for themselves. By your logic, that makes the early feminists who fought for right to vote elitists for trying to dictate to America what they believe and not their husbands, who are in power, decide.

    Your argument about what McCain said about elitism don’t wash. There is exception to the rule of elitism being that it is dictating to America what one believes. That exception is when human rights are violated.

    If anything, the ones forcing their own beliefs on others are the pro-choicers, who believe that one can kill a human being as long as that person is in the womb. I say that is forcing one’s own view onto the baby being killed off!

    Pro-lifers are just like abolitionists. We believe people have rights to do what they want in America as long as they don’t violate the rights of others.

    Abortion involves human rights violation on a MASSIVE scale, where millions upon millions of unborn children are MURDERED every day.

    It makes children VIRTUALLY the property of their mothers

    And it is the ultimate act of CHILD ABUSE. Murdering one’s own kids are condemned in society after that child is born, yet tolerated by the pro-choicers if the child is not born yet.

    I believe parents have rights over their children, to be sure. But not to the point of treating them like PROPERTY. And definitely, not to the point of having right to MURDER their children, whether the children is born or unborn.

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    What about women? Do they have any rights in your world view? It seems to me the point the writer is making is that the real terrorism is not against the doctors or clinics, but against the women they serve. Isn’t forcing a woman to give birth against her will, or against the advice of her doctor because of hers or the fetus’ health or life, or because of rape or incest a form of terrorism too? And what is the name of that law that says any time someone resorts to calling their opponent a Nazis its because their ideas are bankrupt?

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    Dear PUNISHER,
    Please vote for McCain/Palin. You appear to be a well read intelligent individual. I hope you are financially well of as well. Don’t worry about being in the “over 250K” group and having to pay more taxes if Obama wins. You will be getting a HUGE charitable donation tax break from the support you will surely give for the 50 million unwanted births.

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    Giving someone who is associated with murdering abortion providers VIP tickets to your rally isn’t condemning ‘pro-life’ extremism; it’s outright rewarding it.

    You’re using semantic sleight of hand there. A foetus is not a baby. Pretending otherwise is dishonest.

    Actually, what is really sickening is that people think it’s ok to force women to give birth. Forcing a woman to stay pregnant is an egregious violation of her right to physical autonomy. Pregnancy puts a huge strain on women’s bodies, and forcing someone – a sentient being – to go through that is, IMO, a form of violence against women. We are people, not walking, talking incubators.

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    Abortion is the worst form or violence you could possibly inflict on a woman.

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    Unless the abortion is against the woman’s will, no, it isn’t.

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      But it still murder. Killing the baby. We should thinking about it …

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    Actually, rape is.

    Rape is also the worst form of violence that could be inflicted on a man. Or child.

    I guess perhaps something worse than rape would be to force a woman to carry a rape-induced pregnancy to term. Violence doesn’t have to be active; forced-birth, passive violence can be perhaps even more traumatic.

    If I ever became pregnant, no matter under what circumstances, I would choose an abortion. I don’t want an abortion. But I would rather that than go through the violence of giving birth. Because yes, birth is “violent,” and painful (if by violent you mean that it removes a fetus from a woman’s uterus, which happens both when having an abortion and when you give birth). Which is why it should be a choice. When faced with two forms of “violence,” abortion or birth, I would choose abortion, because I don’t want a baby.

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    “Abortion is the worst form or violence you could possibly inflict on a woman.”

    Please spare us the spin and the fake concern for women.
    Choosing to have an abortion is not something inflicted nor is it a form of violence nor is it illegal. And just FYI, assaults, arson, death threats, murder and attempted murder, throwing acid in people’s faces and bombing buildings (to name a few of the many varieties of violent crimes the ‘pro-life’ movement has engaged in and for decades) is violence and the morons doing it are, by definition, domestic terrorists and belong in jail.

  • paul-bradford

    I’m old enough to remember the uproar our nation was in during the Vietnam era.  I was stridently anti-war then (and I certainly don’t regret it!) and when I would hear about the activities of the Weather Underground or other groups who are now pinned with the "terrorist" label (I don’t remember anyone calling them terrorists then) I would think: "The damage these people do isn’t even a blip on the screen compared to the outrages our American military perpetrates every day.  Why are people so worked up about the protesters?  They should be worked up about the ones who are being protested against!"


    What I know now, that I didn’t know then, is that violence in response to violence is much, much worse than the initial violence.  Bill Ayers actually did more damage to the cause of peace than Robert McNamara did; and one anti-abortion terrorist (or whatever you want to call them) does more damage than a hundred thousand abortionists.


    Violent protest makes things worse for the people the protesters are trying to help.  Why do you suppose the debate in this country is centered around the question "How can we defend Israel?" rather than "How can we help five million Palestinians who are living in ghastly conditions?"  It’s because of the ‘Pro-Arab’ terrorists!


    It is essential that we always keep our eyes on the goal, which is to INCREASE a respect for life.  I feel bad about the fact that our society is so lacking in imagination that we deny fetal rights in order to support maternal rights.  If we weren’t tearing each other apart we’d be able to figure out how to do BOTH.


    There’s a difference between being Pro-Life and being anti-abortion.

    Read this thoughtful piece published by


    In recent years, the term "anti-abortion" has been used to identify individuals and groups which employ violence and murder to attain their political ends. They are differentiated from the vastly larger "pro-life" movement which rejects violence against persons and property. Both the pro-life and anti-abortion movements are motivated by one concept: that human personhood begins at the instant of conception. From this principle, it naturally follows that a newly fertilized ovum, an embryo and a fetus are all human persons who should be granted the same rights, privileges and protections as a child or adult. Some view an abortion clinic as the ethical equivalent of a Nazi death camp.

    I urge you to break free of the habit of justifying anti-abortion (anti-Life) protesters.  They do infinitely more damage to the Pro-Life movement than all the abortion rights advocates put together. 


    Paul Bradford

    Pro-Life Catholics for Choice

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    Murder is the involuntary termination of the life of a human being, with malice aforethought, except under certain circumstances like self-defense, legal conduct of war (defense of country), socially sanctioned execution for capital offense, etc., etc.

    A “human being” is an independent living human entity, not part of someone else. If a surgeon removes cancer, that is not murder. Cancer may have different DNA, so merely having different DNA doesn’t make any difference. A fetus is not an independent entity, it is a part of its mother until birth.

    Furthermore, malice is not involved. A woman generally choses an abortion to prevent a terrible human life that she is not equipped to provide for. She may thereby preserve her resources to birth a human being when conditions are more favorable, when a good quality of life can be provided. Even under the best circumstances, and those are rare, each woman is only capable of properly birthing and raising a few children.

    Furthermore, there is only limited capacity to accomodate human life on this planet without seriously degrading the quality of that life. In fact, we have already long passed that threshold. The vast majority of humans live in terrible slums, and the situation is only getting worse. With the prospect of global warming, and the end of cheap energy, it is very likely there will be a vast human die-off from lack of water, food, and shelter. The severity of this die-off depends on how far we overstress the system with more and more humans today. We have become used to endless economic “growth” and a society with “no limits”, but that is a historical anomaly made possible by cheap fossil fuels.

    Abortion roughly prior to the third trimester was sanctioned by most human societies including Christians and Catholics until the 19th century. St. Thomas Aquinas sanctioned abortion prior to the first movement of the fetus in the womb, known as “the quickening”, because in his interpretation that was the beginning of an “independent” life. However, human life is not merely biological, it is social, that is the key to understanding “humanity.” The beginning of a “social” life is at birth.

    I’d like to see more attention given to the million or so deaths caused by the 1990’s sanctions against Iraq (which prevented Iraq from chlorinating their water, among other things), the 1.25 million or so deaths caused by the illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the millions of Indochinese deaths caused by the illegal US invasion of Vietnam and bombing of Cambodia, the millions of deaths caused after illegal CIA operations which overthrew elected governments in Guatemala, Iran, Chile, etc., etc. The total number of deaths caused by illegal US military and CIA actions in the 20th century is in the 10’s of millions. These were mostly civilians and included many families of men, women, and children. None of these actions were in any way justified by “defense” of the USA.

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    I was raped when I was 18, while walking back to my car on the community college campus after a late evening class.

    I went home and scrubbed myself bloody with a loofah instead of shaming myself by going to the hospital – I was clearly a “slut who was asking for it”.

    I found out I was pregnant.

    I had an abortion.

    Why? I was 18. Full time job. Full time, 20 credit school semester. Living at home with my parents. Single.

    Why should I have been FORCED to give birth to something I never wanted, never asked for? Why should I have been FORCED to give birth to a REMINDER of what happened to me?

    As I see it… it was the Zygote (2 weeks after conception at the time of the abortion procedure), or me.

    And I know I’m not the only one who has thought of – has actually, or will take their own life if an abortion is denied them, and they can’t find a coat hanger or a back-alley clinic.

    …. And anti-abortionists are saying they’re looking after women’s health?

    Somehow, I think not.

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    It’s obvious from your extended rant that you are not only highly intellegent, but also very well educated. Where did you get your believable information? I’d love to have access to your scientific data, specifically where you would credit proof of “millions upon millions of unborn children are MURDERED every day.” Substantiate that statement in fact. Please share with us all where you gained this deep deep knowledge which has led you to enlightenment. Today is the 275th day of the year. Are you saying between 275 and 600 million (or more)abortions have taken place so far this year? Persuasive argument. That would mean every woman in America has had 4 or 5 abortions this year? You really are smart. And a tremendous spokesperson for your cause. Keep up the good work!
    Also, I’d like to know what you feel your rights are pertaining to other peoples children? Or other peoples lives/bodies for that matter.
    Bless us with more of your insight.
    PS Borrow a dictionary from someone and look up the word elite for yourself. Senator McCain apparently doesn’t know what it means.