Pro-Choice Group Hits McCain in Colorado Mailboxes

Pro-Choice America is delivering a mailer this week that draws a sharp
contrast between Barack Obama and John McCain’s positions on women’s
reproductive rights to voters identified as pro-abortion rights in
Colorado and seven other battleground states.

The front side of a mailer NARAL is sending to Colorado voters.

The front side of a mailer NARAL is sending to Colorado voters.

"This is the first of four pieces of mail that NARAL Pro-Choice
America is sending to persuadable pro-choice voters in Colorado,
Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and
Virginia," a NARAL spokesperson told the Colorado Independent. "The
piece dropped in Colorado today to approximately 64,000 households

"When it comes to birth control and family planning," the mailer
charges, "John McCain just says NO," listing a number of positions
McCain has taken on birth control and abortion.

"Not having these pills could change the rest of her life," the
mailer says, accompanying a picture of a woman holding birth-control
pills. "Having this pill could change his evening," NARAL says with a
picture of a middle-aged man holding a tiny blue pill – presumably

The pairing references an uncomfortable exchange
McCain had in July when a reporter asked whether he supported requiring
health insurers to cover birth control when many cover Viagra. McCain
sidestepped the question but did not dispute he voted against the requirement in 2003. "I’ve cast thousands of votes in the Senate," McCain said.

The NARAL site compares Obama and McCain’s stands on family planning here.

Thanks to Politico’s Jonathan Martin for the mailer graphic.

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