VIDEO: Rep. Michelle Bachmann Stokes Fear in Shocking Interview

Rep. Michelle Bachmann has a history of being on the fringe, and tonight on Hardball she didn’t do anything to change that notion.  While this interview is not about reproductive health, it certainly reflects the extreme right-wing politics that is being fueled by the anti-choice community, of which Rep. Bachmann is a leading light.

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    That is one of the most frightening things I’ve seen from an American politician since Joe McCarthy. Interestingly, many people have seen this and .

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    These pro-life nut jobs are so incredibly of the deep end, the only thing that will stop them is if people start to push back. Bachman must be censured for HER reckless threats against her fellow Americans.

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    It’s time to put a stop to this destructive trend. It’s not just nonsense. This is a democracy and it’s survival and success depend on intelligent discussion and informed debate. If ideas and policies won’t stand up to scrutiny, discussion, and debate, that speaks for itself. Promote and support your ideas, your policies, and your proposals. When people disagree, don’t call names or make unsupportable accusations. If you can’t propose good ideas and defend them, then get out of government and go do something else.

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    Whoa, hold up there, censure? I am voting for Obama and think Bachmann is a a loon; however, consider the following:

    1) Freedom of speech is protected in our constitution. It’s one of the largest parts of our national identity and a rare but costly freedom.
    1a) I swore an oath to defend that right and it should take more than hurt feelings to impune that right.
    2) Allow Bachmann and others to spew their vitriol so that we may identify them and stay away (or vote for her opponent). If you censure her, you simply deny us the easiest way to protect ourselves since we’ll no longer be privvy to how she really thinks. We can’t just censure people for saying things we don’t like, inciting riots excepted. Her words are no worse than Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church, let ’em preach.
    3) It’s great entertainment, a la Chris Matthews’ Show. Most of our citizens know she’s going overboard and many are old enough to remember Eugene McCarthy. It doesn’t wash, she now has no brakes on her career descent and likely will become a pariah in her party and The House.


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    I meant impinge not impune, oops.