VIDEO: Cecile Richards on Hardball Promoting Education, Prevention, Pro-Choice Values

Hardball’s Chris Matthews hosted Cecile Richards and Barbara Comstock for a debate between education, prevention and pro-choice values vs. the same old divisive politics of personal destruction from the far-right. See our front page for complete coverage.


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    So, my concern for my own health is extreme, huh? My life is less important than the one I might hypothetically at some point bring forth from my womb? I mean, I know that your VP candidate, Sarah Palin, is supposedly very convincing, but did anyone tell you that her “no abortion ever in a million years, not that the Earth has been around that long” position on abortion only flies with about 10 percent of the population? Or were you too busy staring at her tits? I mean, it was pretty obvious that you weren’t listening to Obama when he talked about reducing the number of abortions through common-sense ideas like improving sex education, the opportunities for adoption and supporting women who want to have the children and keep them. But what the fuck, dude, for real? The fetus is more important that the woman in which it resides? Really?

    I mean, it’s not like maternal death is startlingly uncommon in America — as US News reported yesterday, 1 in 4,800 women in America dies in childbirth, compared to 1 in 48,000 in Ireland. So it is actually not outside the motherfucking question that it could happen to me someday, but it’s good to know that you’ll take a potential future motherless voter over a current voter any day of the week.

    And, even if I give try to you the benefit of the doubt and pretend like you were just talking about late term abortions during the debate last night, well, I can go read Gretchen Voss’s story about hers — why she had one, how it wasn’t avoidable and how ridding the world of such procedures would have made her life much harder. And then I’m back to wondering where you — and I — went wrong.

    My reproductive health is not an extreme position. Not at all.