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    Thank you for your article. You are correct that political will is key to improving efforts and increasing resources to address maternal mortality. It is clear that we are in this together, even in rich resource countries.

    In California, US, the maternal mortality rate more than DOUBLED to 15.2 in 2003, from 6.7 in 1998. The first state wide maternal mortality review report will be forthcoming by the end of the year. The data show that >70% of these pregnancy-related deaths had some, good or strong chance of altering outcomes. People do not realize that in the US hospitals are not required to have obstetric hemorrhage protocols, or have their OB teams practice drills and teamwork that could save women’s lives.

    In the US we have the problem of OVER-use of technologies, such as cesarean and induction, which have increased dramatically in the past ten years. As a result, we see worse outcomes. Ironically, in countries such as Nigeria, there is a critical UNDER-use of technology. The correct ‘dose’ of technology, similar to correct dosing of medication, is essential to avoid unnecessary maternal deaths and serious complications.

    It may be that some less resourced community hospitals in CA would also benefit from having this anti-shock garment.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.
    Christine H Morton, PhD
    California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative

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