Women, Motherhood and Risks of Pregnancy Gloablly

The Washington Post has an outstanding in-depth look at women, motherhood and the risks of pregnancy globally, featuring powerful use of video and other interactive tools. Take time to read A Mother’s Final Look at Life, and after you do, ask yourself, why are women dying in childbirth in the 21st Century? 

  • Why with all we know about medical science and public health, are we allowing our government to be distracted by the abortion politics of the far right?
  • Why do far-right social conservatives in Congress continue to obstruct common sense policies, like integrating reproductive health and HIV prevention services for women, in U.S. global AIDS policy?
  • Why do far-right social conservatives continue not to fund the United Nations Family Planning Agency?
  • Why does the far-right support the global gag rule, denying women the right to an honest conversation about reproductive health options with a medical professional, instead condemning women to die of unsafe, botched abortions, as cited in the article.
  • Why are our politics once again being derailed by the extremist right-wing anti-choice politicians who year after year aren’t just doing nothing to help improve maternal health, but are actively obstructing common sense policies, proven public health strategies, and seem to fear efforts to empower women so they can better negotiate sexual relations and plan families?
  • Why given everything we know would we choose politicians who continually turn their backs on women, allowing them to die in childbirth, when we know we can do better?
  • Why?



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