McCain Palling Around with Militant Anti-Abortion Activists?

In a speech setting the tone for the final weeks of the campaign, Governor Palin accused Senator Obama of "palling around" with domestic terrorists, earlier in the week. The unsubstantiated and now debunked charge that Senator Obama has ties to Professor William Ayers likely seems part of a larger strategy to paint Senator Obama as "dangerous for America."

On CBS yesterday morning, Nancy Pfotenhaur, McCain campaign spokesperson, defended Palin’s remarks by saying that if McCain had ties to someone who bombed abortion clinics, it would be legitimate to discuss publicly. 

Be careful what you wish for.

Right Wing Watch reports, today, that in fact Senator McCain does have ties to a militant anti-abortion activist, Paul Schenck, arrested numerous times for his tactics:

Schenck first came to prominence back in the 1990s when, along with his twin brother Paul, he began his career as a militant anti-abortion activist, for which he was repeatedly arrested, often targeting Dr. Barnett Slepian who was assassinated by an anti-abortion activist in 1998 by a man who, according to another pro-life activist, was probably known to both Schenck and his brother.  [Ed. note: emphasis mine]

Right Wing Watch notes that as recently as last year, Schenck was meeting privately with Senator McCain. In fact, he received a VIP pass to the event in which McCain named Palin as his running mate and he met privately with each of them as well. 

Schenck invited both Barack Obama and John McCain to a forum his organization was moderating but Obama backed out. Could it have had something to do with Schenck’s bizarre behavior back in 1992 with another presidential candidate when he, along with two others, thrust an actual 19-week fetus at then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton?

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    Indeed be careful of what you wish for dear Nancy. It seems to me that this tie of McCain’s to antiabortion domestic terrorists is more notable than what they are trying to smear Obama with. All the right wing knows is hate sometimes I swear.

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    What kinda name is pfotenhauer anyway? I knew a kid named hogenauer when i was young and i wouldn’t want him to run the country.

    This is a great little commentary. In fact, this is irritatingly similar to what journalists who cover the campaign ought to be doing. Thanks for doing their job.

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    Ask around in Buffalo. I have heard speculation that one of the Schenck brothers hosted James Kopp at his house, when Kopp was making preparations to kill Barnett Slepian with a sniper rifle. The Schenck Bros. may have even been guilty of harboring a fugitive.

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    Again truth of the old adage: People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – they may get rocks thrown back at them. Obama Rocks!

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    Lets see, Someone whos’ political career is Launched by a Self confessed Terrorist, Bombing our own Country and sympathetic to those that struck us on 9/11, Vs A man protesting the murder of innocent unborn babies, is such a stretch I cant believe you would even try to bring it up. If that is all you have I do really feel sorry for you. Why dont you look into Obamas’ World Poverty Plan, tell us what you think of that? $845 billion tax on the U.S. by the U.N. being pushed by Mr. Barrak Hussein Obama excuse me, Senator Obama and Say it Aint So Joe Biden(Senator)!!!!!

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    … because it is so very important that everyone in the US be allowed the rights to speak freely and to vote, we’re forced to allow the ignorant such as Mr. “I believe everything bad about the libruls I read on teh interwebs!!11!” BountyHunter to participate in the electoral process and access forums like this one.

    Le sigh.

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    Here’s how the pocked brain of a conservative operates (it doesn’t THINK, mind you, it just GURGES, like the bowel does):

    McCain took campaign money from Leonore Annenberg.

    Leonore Annenberg is connected to the Annenberg Foundation is connected to William Ayers is connected to Barack Obama OH MY GOD!


    [Buzzing noises . . . smoke appears from right-wing earholes . . frantic voice “Does not compute! Does not compute! becoming higher and thinner until right-wing microbrainpan stickily collapses in on itself, exuding a sulfurous aroma)


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    What kinda name is pfotenhauer anyway?

    A German one. ‘Pfote’ (for which ‘Pfoten’ would be the plural form) means either ‘pad’ or ‘paw,’ as in the foot of an animal. ‘Hauer’ could mean either ‘cutter,’ ‘hewer,’ ‘miner,’ or ‘tusk/s.’ So there are multiple meanings of her name. It is quite possible that one of her ancestors once specialized in caring for animals’ feet.

    Mock the beliefs, not the name. People do that enough with Obama. We don’t need to stoop to their level.

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    OMG how was I ever so stupid to want to know about the man I want to elect to the highest position in the land. I dont need to know who’s pulling his strings what his associations are. Heck I dont even need to know what his college Thesis was on, Socialism really sounds go to me, I dont need to work and I still get free health care, somebody else can take up my slack, lets just share the wealth. Besides that Sarah Palin needs to stay home and take care of her special needs baby that her daughter had. With Sen. Joe Biden he has been in Washington long enough, he can show Sen. Obama the ropes, you know…. the good ol’ boys Club, the secret hand shake and all that stuff. I’m convinced time for a change, besides I need to learn all the words to Cuum buy yaa. What a Beautiful World It Would be…….

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    The literacy level of the posting tells us all we need to know about the poster.

    Senator McCain, behold your “base”.

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    “No, ma’am. He’s a decent family man and citizen…”
    You don’t need to be afraid of Barack Obama being president.
    You also don’t have to be afraid that if you stop shouting, the voices will get you. Those voices you fear are just other people around you speaking their hearts and minds. It won’t hurt you to listen. Really.

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    You’re comparing someone who was protesting the vietnam war (whose bombs NEVER went off) and who rehabilitated himself to become a respectful member of society (and who has a very noble effort of helping education)—to the hate filled abortion clinic bombers who have and are STILL bombing clinics and killing doctors. I think you are coming down on the wrong side of the comparison. Also remember that McCain pals around and did a fund raiser at the house of G. Gordon Liddy…someone who stills advocates the killing of federal agents.

    Another example of right wingers not having critical thinking skills and just merely regurgitating right wing talking points. These fools (despite all the evidence to the contrary) still believe that Bush will go down as one of the best presidents in history. Unbelievable!

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    Bounty, I cannot sway you and I don’t intend to. However, it should be noted that your definition of such things as freedom, liberty and patriotism, are not the only definintions, and some of us share differing views.

    As for your comparison between Ayers and abortion bombers and murders of abortion doctors, I actually think Ayers has more legal standing, and more moral standing considering his actions and the motives for his actions than would, say, Rev. Paul Jennings Hill who murdered Dr. John Britton and James Barrett, or Eric Rudolph who killed two people in an abortion clinic bombing and others in the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics. In fact, in the past 16 years 7 abortion providers have been killed and 11 people seriously wounded.

    You seem to be saying that it is “more” ok to kill abortion providers than to bomb an empty building(or at least a building understood to be empty…in aany way, the Wethermen did not target innocent people). I disagree. Moreover, the Weathermen were a group of people who disapproved of their government’s involvements around the world, intanglements that were resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent lives. Have you never been to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial? Are you one of the few remaining folks holding steadfast to the fantasy that the United States was within its moral authority to interefere in Vietnamese domestic issues to the cost of 54,000 INNOCENT AMERICAN lives?

    The fact is that the United States has a history of dubious behvavior. Occassionally there are people who choose to hold this nation more accountable than the “My Country Wrong or Right” crowd. They should not bomb anything, or kill anyone. But to bomb buildings in an attempt to halt an immoral foreign policy is no more morally reprehensible, and in fact one might argue is actually less morally objectionable than to deliberately target innocent lives in an effort to halt a LEGAL procedure from being perfomed.


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    You guys on the left scare the heck out of me as I realize how out of touch and ignorant you all are and how many of you there are.

    I wonder just how long the rest of us can count on being free.

    Good news is your head will stay warm while stuck in the sand.

    Double Standards. your hypocrisy knows now bounds…Unbelievable