VIDEO: Barney Frank Stands Up to Bill O’Reilly

The only thing this post has to do with sexual health is that every American should thank their lucky stars that America’s first openly, honestly, gay politician — Barney Frank — has been one of the leading voices through the current fiscal crisis.  Barney Frank understands these issues like few other people in Congress and even many people on Wall Street. Barney Frank is brilliant, but don’t take my word, people like former Republican Majority Leader Tom “the Hammer” Delay say he gets these issues and is smart.  Many other Republicans have said the same thing. With Sarah Palin and Joe Biden agreeing that same-sex couples in America should have rights to civil unions in their debate, gay rights is making huge steps forward in spite of far-right social conservatives who would deny these citizens their rights.

But, as usual, there is blow-hard Bill O’Reilly using his self-hating, inferiority complex, to channel his rage into faux-populism on Fixed News. O’Reilly and Fixed News only keep their viewers in the dark on the reality of governing, and in true O’Reilly fashion, he questions Barney Frank’s "manliness" while not understanding that Frank is twice the man O’Reilly will ever be.


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    O’Reilly gets paid for this? I used to get a spanking and was sent to my room when I had tantrums. I had no idea he was on Inside Edition, but am not at all surprised.

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    Who was the Congressman that oversaw the collapse of Fannie Mae?
    Barney Frank

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    I completely agree that Barney Frank is twice the man Falafel O’Reilly will ever be (and three times smarter too)

    It’s fascinating how the right is so consistently drawn to bullies and liars as leaders

  • scott-swenson

    Let’s see … 20+ years of deregulation, lack of oversight and conservatives telling Americans that “the invisible hand of the market” works and because Americans are fed up with GOP lies and elected a Democratic majority two years ago, you blame Barney Frank — who, by the way, has been an advocate for common sense regulation that could have prevented this mess. You are not only anonymous, you are clueless. Even the most advanced CONSERVATIVE scholars on economics are rethinking there positions in the wake of OVERWHELMING evidence that their policies have COMPLETELY FAILED. It will take a while for the scholarship to “trickle down” to idiots like O’Reilly, so you just keep spewing the old talking points if you like. The facts are fairly obvious.

    Be the change you seek,

    Scott Swenson, Editor