Republican Majority for Choice Won’t Endorse McCain-Palin

Republican Majority for Choice today announced that it will not issue an endorsement in this election. The organization of pro-choice Republicans cites an "outpouring of concern from members" opposed to the endorsement of candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin as the reason for its announcement. In a statement, RMC writes,

Though Senator McCain has not made social issues a central part of his campaign, he has made clear his position in support of overturning Roe v. Wade…The choice of Governor Palin (who opposes access to abortions for victims of rape or incest and who supports a constitutional amendment banning abortions) by Senator McCain as his GOP running mate tells us that a strong advocate for anti-choice policy will be at his side as the second in command.

Whether or not Sen. McCain has put social issues at the center of his campaign depends on whether or not choosing a vice-presidential nominee is central to a candidate’s campaign.

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    Say it ain’t so! I thought the Republican Majority for Life was a “big tent” that would welcome hardcore pro-lifers. Next thing you know, Democrats for Life will refuse to endorse Obama.

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    In the interest of greater good- Republican Majority for choice should back and endorse McCain.