Roe’s “Mary Doe” Speaks Out

You’ve heard of Norma McCorvey, "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade, plaintiff in the Supreme Court case legalizing abortion nationwide and anti-choice convert.

But are you acquainted with Marsha King and her husband David, who were "Mary and John Doe" in the very same case?

Marsha King recently gave an exclusive interview to Women’s eNews, in which she defended the court decision and her role in advancing women’s reproductive rights.

"Roe is one of the most powerful things to happen to women and to
potential parents and to people who are parents and have children and
can’t have more," said King.

Writes Cynthia Cooper, 

Court documents argued that the Kings…did not have a desire to have children at the time of the case
because of medical issues and personal reasons. If a pregnancy
occurred, they would seek to terminate it, but wished to avoid an
illegal abortion.


 King recounted her adverse reactions to contraceptive methods available at the time and her two illegal abortions in Mexico.  "We did not want to be parents at that time. We were so terrified of
getting pregnant," said King. "We counted the days; we wouldn’t have
sex. We tried to be very careful. We were very disciplined and very



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