Spreading Rumors About Rape Kits Won’t Prevent Violence Against Women

Some in the blogosphere are speculating (without much, if any, justification, as of yet) that the common anti-choice conflation of emergency contraception with abortion accounts for the policy in Wasilla, Alaska of charging rape victims for rape kits, on Sarah Palin’s watch.

Rumors won’t bring victims justice — and while it’s important to ferret out the truth on the rape kits story, that won’t either.  Looking at the big picture, facing our country’s rape culture, and asking tough questions of candidates will enable women and their allies to vote for the ticket that will most pro-actively push policies that address violence against women.  As Amie wrote earlier this week

Which set of candidates understands best how to remedy the
culture of violence perpetuated against women in this nation and globally?
Which set of candidates pro-actively creates policies that address the root
causes of rape and sexual assault? Which set of candidates do we trust to raise
the status of women in this country and work internationally to do the same?
Which set of candidates’ legislative and leadership records reveal genuine
attempts at fixing the problems their various constituents face when it comes
to rape, sexual assault and other forms of violence against women? … Rape kits are but one part of the story.

Are you unclear about how emergency contraception works — and whether it is different from abortion? You’re not alone — but RH Reality Check has a great video clearing up the question.  Watch it right here:


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    Your are right spreading rumors does not help. But when the McCain campaign specifically states that the reason for firing the Commissioner of Public Safety was because we was seeking money to deal with the rape rate and child sexual molestation in Alaska both of which is outrages, that is worth talking about. The Associate Press reported it. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5jOTk11gvqDAgD0cY3i4WjI_2YOxwD937N8L80