Palin Involved in Street Level Anti-Abortion Protests

David Talbot writes in Salon today about his interview with Rev. Howard Bess, a Baptist Minister in Palmer, Alaska, and the author of Pastor, I am Gay, one of the books in the book banning controversy surrounding former Mayor Sarah Palin and the Wasilla Library. Talbot also reveals that Palin has been involved in street protests attempting to prevent women from their legal rights to obtain an abortion in Alaska.

Soon after the book controversy, Bess found himself again at odds
with Palin and her fellow evangelicals. In 1996, evangelical churches
mounted a vigorous campaign to take over the local hospital’s community
board and ban abortion from the valley. When they succeeded, Bess and
Dr. Susan Lemagie, a Palmer OB-GYN, fought back, filing suit on behalf
of a local woman who had been forced to travel to Seattle for an
abortion. The case was finally decided by the Alaska Supreme Court,
which ruled that the hospital must provide valley women with the
abortion option.

At one point during the hospital battle, passions ran so hot that
local antiabortion activists organized a boisterous picket line outside
Dr. Lemagie’s office, in an unassuming professional building across
from Palmer’s Little League field. According to Bess and another
community activist, among the protesters trying to disrupt the
physician’s practice that day was Sarah Palin.

Another valley activist, Philip Munger, says that Palin also helped
push the evangelical drive to take over the Mat-Su Borough school
board. "She wanted to get people who believed in creationism on the
board," said Munger, a music composer and teacher. "I bumped into her
once after my band played at a graduation ceremony at the Assembly of
God. I said, ‘Sarah, how can you believe in creationism — your
father’s a science teacher.’ And she said, ‘We don’t have to agree on

"I pushed her on the earth’s creation, whether it was really less
than 7,000 years old and whether dinosaurs and humans walked the earth
at the same time. And she said yes, she’d seen images somewhere of
dinosaur fossils with human footprints in them."

Munger also asked Palin if she truly believed in the End of Days,
the doomsday scenario when the Messiah will return. "She looked in my
eyes and said, ‘Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my

Bess is unnerved by the prospect of Palin — a woman whose mind is
given to dogmatic certitude — standing one step away from the Oval
Office. "It’s truly frightening that someone like Sarah has risen to
the national level," Bess said. "Like all religious fundamentalists —
Christian, Jewish, Muslim — she is a dualist. They view life as an
ongoing struggle to the finish between good and evil.


Palin’s involvement in street level protests runs counter to her "respect for people with different opinions" on abortion and her desire to "reach out and work with people from the other side" of the abortion issue as she told Charlie Gibson in her recent interview with him. 

It’s not that abortion is the most important issue in this election for women, or anyone else, but her involvement in these street level protests does speak to a certain mindset she would bring to Washington. This latest news does coincide with the McCain campaign’s tactics lately, with an all out return to the Culture War which seeks to divide communities and the nation, rather than finding common ground that truly respects differing views on controversial issues, allowing government to focus less on the private and personal matters of people’s lives, and more the the economy, health care, education, infrastructure, and the business of government.

The Wonk Room also has a great take on this, weaving together many aspects of this still developing story.




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    SARAH PALIN IS A ‘PHONY MOM & POLITICIAN!’. Simply because…SHE DIDN’T EVEN ‘BLINK OR CARE’ she is leaving a ‘special needs’ child behind, with a pregnant teenager to take care of it, and her other two daughters to fend for themselves when daddy is on the trail too! DID SHE EVEN DISCUSS THE OFFER WITH HER HUSBAND? so much for her ‘christian belief’, the bible says the husband is the HEAD of the family! goes to show it’s all about HER! it happens every day in allot of homes, with moms who have to juggle between family and an 8 hour shift, but there’s one difference..their not running for office! she is a poor example of a mother! whatever happened to ‘sterilization’, birth control pills, or family planning? 44 and unprotected sex?? really irresponsible!
    secondly, she has no experience or has any idea what the job demands, is contrary to john Mc Cain on ‘many issues’, and is lying, repeating her lies NON-STOP!
    I also hate the fact she doesn’t give SQUAT about the environment! Especially her comments during her convention speech! quote referring to Obama; what exactly is our opponent’s plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he’s done turning back the waters and healing the planet? she isn’t even aware ALASKA’S ice cap IS MELTING ALL AROUND HER! and what’s wrong with HEALING THE PLANET anyway? we’re doing a lousy job of protecting IT don’t we!?? All she really cares about is lying, defaming others, hunting, and being in the ‘spotlight’. I’m a Hillary supporter who accepts Joe Biden, and i see clearly how ‘phony she is’.


  • truth

    Yes, she is very attractive and has a beautiful family and loves God with all her heart, mind, body and soul. She is the role model of the perfect female. You should be taking notes and living by her example. I am glad to see she is getting you people all worked up! Palin is great.

    • invalid-0

      What are you freekin’ kidding me? Jealous? You sound like you’re seven years old since that’s the way seven year olds reason (if you don’t like me you must just be jealous…). There is not much to respect about Palin, and if we all lived by her example this country would be a lot worse! She is the perfect example of how human beings should NOT act. The anti-model, if you will.

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    Sarah Palin is anything but a phony. She lives the way she believes. She kills animals for her food. They eat what they hunt and fish. Unless you are a vegan, you kill too. Lots of women and men want large families and 44 is not too old to reproduce. Sarah and Todd do not believe in ending a child’s life just because it has special needs. They know most Downs Syndrome people lead happy lives. Many learn to read and work at jobs, which is more than some “normal” people do. Crystal Palin chose to have sex before marriage. She followed the example the world set for her instead of the one her parents set. But she is being responsible and providing her child with a father and life. No one said people were never going to make a mistake. It’s what we do in response to our mistakes that makes a difference. Abortion is a way of ducking out of your responsibility. You cheat your child and you cheat yourself and your family when you have an abortion. Motherhood empowers women. It teaches life skills learned nowhere else. Abortion leaves women scarred with shame and regret and can cause physical harm. Abortion leaves fathers who want their babies without any rights. Abortion takes talented citizens and taxpayers away from society. Abortion removes babies from the adoption lists so adoptive parents spend thousands going to China and elsewhere to find babies. A woman who aborts all her children has no children to support her in her old age or to provide her with a living legacy. Aborton kills humans. If you care about seals and polar bears, why not extend that caring to humans? Sarah Palin is the best example of womanhood we have. If she cannot do the job of vice president then we might as well say no woman can.

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    i wouldn’t say sarah palin is a shining example of womanhood. sure, she’s a mother and a successful working woman and somehow she manages to “do it all” and still look terrific at 44. that’s quite an accomplishment. but i wouldn’t say she’s an example we all should emulate. she’s irresponsible and doesn’t seem to ever think with empathy for anyone else (even hilary, everyone’s “ice queen” has more warmth and empathy that palin). i would call leaving a young infant, special needs or otherwise, while galavanting off on the campaign trail irresponsible. i would call championing teen marriage irresponsible. but even out of her personal life, we have her political life. cutting funding for programs supporting teenagers just like her eldest daughter? irresponsible. taking on a job she in which she has no idea what her day to day responsiblities will be? irresponsible.

    as for you assertion that abortion is ducking responsiblity? i would call it one of the most responsible things a woman could do. if she can’t care for an infant or even for a fetus (that’s 9 months of completely turning her life upside down, not to mention the possible permanent or semipermanent damage childbirth can do to a woman’s body), then i say good for her for being strong enough to know herself and take care of herself. those orphaned and abandoned babies in china and elsewhere (places where women don’t have as much of a choice as they do here) need someone to take care of them, so if the adoptive parents here have to search them out, all the better all around. and if a woman really is a paragon of responsiblity, then she won’t need children to take care of her in her old age, she’ll have provided for herself. sure, abortion kills humans. so does over population, starvation, genocide, natural disasters, war, etc.

    sarah is a fine example of a woman, but only a certain kind of woman. there are plenty of other kinds, all shining examples of women who would do 10,000 times better in the vice presidency (and possibly the presidency) than sarah palin.

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    Sarah Palin believes the Messiah will appear in her lifetime: two things. One, she and her husband have probably been so reckless in their pseudo-frontier justifcation of a self-indulgent lifestyle, they’re leveraged up to the eyeballs (didn’t I read something about a business they started that never materialized beyond incorporation papers?). As with many two-faced social conservatives, they don’t really care what happens to following generations because their descendants won’t live past Judgement Day – a great reason not to make the mortgage payment, the car payment, the insurance payment, etc. Second, how does she know the Messiah hasn’t already shown up in the form of a wolf or bear and she didn’t already shoot it from an airplane?

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    She has not EVEN protected her own daughter. She has not even been given her rights to be educated about birth control, sexualy transmitted disease or HIV. She is not concerned with women’s rights, let alone her own daughters rights. We have the right and responsibility to educate ourselves and our children. Does she even know that 88 years ago women were beaten, chained, torchered and called insane just because they protested to allow women to vote. We’ve come along way baby, but to go backward for women, children, elderly, and to not promote and stand for equal rights for ALL is an outrage. I don’t see ANY of you adopting all of these unwanted babies, I don’t see any of you stepping up and promoting education and options for teen mothers. Screaming that abortion is wrong is all you seem to do. Maybe it’s just wrong for YOU. Maybe YOU don’t know what it’s like to be raped. Maybe you don’t know what it’s like not have any rescoures to take care of yourself, let alone a child. If you really want to stop abortions, try reaching out to young people and providing them with education, birth control and real choices. Sarah Palin is good at one thing only~~~lying. If she’s so about God and doing the RIGHT thing, then be accountable. But NO, she prefers to LIE. Wake up, she is not for you, she is not for women, or children. She cut 2.5 million last year in Alaska for special needs children (of course, this was before she herself had a special needs child). Just because she’s female, does not mean she has intregrity. It doesn’t mean
    she has any quailities to govern Alaska, let alone the United States. (by the way, as christians, Isn’t it questionable for her to be in a lead role? What about the HEAD? Is’nt the man suppost to lead??) Better check what you believe and promote. I pray for all of America to have their ears and eyes open to the TRUTH. We have much to redeem, not only in our own country but with the world. The more we have, the more we are responsible for. God promotes responsibility and honesty. Accountability and education. I’m not against Sarah Palin because she’s a female. I’m against anyone who can straight faced lie, to themselves, their peers, their county and to God himself. People can say anything~~~that doens’t make it true. Who cares what party is in office, we need leaders who have outstanding qualities to lead such as: honesty, intregrety, accountability, genuine concern for women, children, our seniors, other countries. Williness to work the United Nations. God has given us much~~~therefore, we are responsible for much! Together we can change the course of this country, which will in effect, change the world. Hope for HONESTY and ACCOUNTABLITY.

  • invalid-0

    Did you know that there is a building in Saudi Arabia named after George (daddy) Bush? I get a feeling that once you get elected and set up office in Washington that you get in on the REAL doings of Washington, which have nothing to do with legislation. You get bought by oil companies, drug companies, and every other company peddling their wares. And then when you leave office you don’t get social security like the rest of us…oh, no! You get a special pension amounting to about $200,000 per year.

    I just can’t figure out how the folks in Washington didn’t see the financial coming or why they can’t seem to break away from oil. Electric cars were invented years ago; we have the technology now to produce electricity and solar heating and all kinds of other ways to support ourselves and break away from oil. Why don’t we? Ask the Arabs. Ever been to Dubai?

    There is something very fishy going on in Washington. Follow the oil slick.

  • invalid-0

    Is that right? Sarah Palin kills animals for her food? So the Palin family eats the wolves and bears gunned down from helicopters? The ones she puts a bounty on for others to gun down from airplanes, too? That is all for food? That is really good to know.

    BTW I believe it is “Down Syndrome,” not “Downs.”

    Judging by what you say, and what a model of responsibility she is, I guess she must be planning to take time away from the vice presidency then, to look after her family and the special needs child and all that food preparation of wolves and bears and whatnot.