Learning About Sex Ed Before Learning to Read?

John McCain recently released an ad attacking Barack
Obama’s education agenda, including his support for comprehensive sex education.
The announcer says that Obama supports "learning about sex before learning to
read." Well, I hope so. If we are not giving our children age-appropriate
education throughout their lives, we are not doing our best to protect

Earlier this year, the Religious Coalition for
Reproductive Choice put out a request for people to tell us the story of how
they learned about sex. We received well over 400 responses from individuals
around the country age 17 through 94. These replies offer thoughtful reflections
and often intimate, sometimes painful, glimpses into personal lives. Quite a few
responders said they learned about sex "the hard way" — from being abused as a

If I had known
what sex was, I would have understood what was happening to me when I was
molested by a male relative beginning at age 8
. – Stephanie,

My sex ed took
place in a household where there was physical and emotional abuse, AND sexual
abuse. Dad was having sex with 3 younger brothers.
– Susan,

My uncle molested
me at 12. If someone had shared the facts with me sooner it may not have
happened the way it did.
– Tom, 50

My father molested
me. The earliest I remember was at age 6-7.
– Helen,

I was molested at
8 and do not recall ever being "taught" about sex.
– Ginger,

From my older
cousins talking about it and some in particular wanting to experiment with me. I
was 6. They were teenagers.
– Emily, 38

I was sexually
abused from infancy.
– Dorothy, 71

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, each year there are around 80,000 reported cases of child sexual
abuse. It is well known that the number of unreported cases is far greater. Yet
the curriculum for comprehensive sex education in kindergarten that John McCain
derided is to learn about inappropriate touching.

Our survey also found that what you learn – or don’t
learn – as a child and young person can have life-long

I wish I’d learned
what intercourse was and how easy it is to get pregnant.
– Joyce,

I wish I’d learned
about STDs and the way in which they can be transmitted. I was under the
impression that oral sex was safe, since you couldn’t get pregnant from it.

– Abigail, 26

The good girl/bad
girl images prevalent when I was young only served to instill a great deal of
fear in me, which negatively impacted on my marriage for years.
– Jean,

Senator McCain, a proponent of abstinence-only education
programs, is at odds with 80 percent of the American public who support
comprehensive sex education. He can sensationalize the issue, but the fact
remains that this is an issue of public health and

Major faith traditions – Methodist, Episcopalian,
Presbyterian, Jewish – representing millions of Americans, support comprehensive
sexuality education. These faith communities take seriously their duty to
instill a set of religious and moral values that will help guide young people to
responsible life choices. They believe that it is the role of government to
ensure that the nation’s youth receive the facts – unblemished by ideology –
that will protect them from predators, disease and unintended pregnancy.

*Names have been changed.

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    Thank you for your voice of reason that seems so sadly to be lacking these days. I was sexually educated by my step-father from age 4-12. This type of trauma has lifetime effects. Depression, anxiety, shame, confusion and outright fear is just a small sampling of the psychological damage that leads to addictions, hospitalizations, and in some cases the continuation of abuse to more innocent children.

    My son is 2 and I’m already talking to him about his body being his and that no one should touch him on his private areas except when I’m bathing him of course. Even though he’s two he understands this concept. But I also keep him in my sight 99.9% of the time. Lots of parents have their children cared for by others and the risk is raised for these children.

    McCain’s campaign is not only preying on people’s fears and ignorance on the matter, but the very children we should be protecting. Predators prey on children. We have to educate them.

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    Lots of parents have their children cared for by others and the risk is raised for these children.

    cite? I just don’t believe it. i would imagine RELATIVES, including PARENTS are the most common ones to hurt kids.

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    To: Lots of parents

    since I can’t post every link – these are all news alerts just in the last few days-google it:
    Bolingbrook elementary school nurse accused of having sex with teen boys
    Church youth leader’s bond reduced in sexual abuse cases
    Girl files suit against school district, bus company over sex assault
    School Remains Quiet About Girl’s Abuse at Class Sleepover
    Teacher sentenced to 6 years for sex abuse
    L.A. principal gets probation for failing to report child abuse
    Officials: Deputy Shocks Girl, 11, With Taser At Elementary School
    School bus aide charged with sexual abuse
    Substitute teacher indicted for sexual abuse of a child
    Daycare husband arrested for abuse, child pornography
    Husband of Daycare Provider Arrested for Child Porn in St. Cloud
    Child-porn suspect had worked in day care
    Child porn seized at private day care

    I do research for news for child advocacy and I get daily news alerts from google and yahoo on certain keywords. Try it and see for yourself. I know no one wants to believe it but it’s there and it’s not going away.

    check out:

  • heather-corinna

    I can’t imagine anyone would deny these kinds of cases exist and occur.


    However, in comparison with the number of child sexual abuse cases within the immediate and extended family, this is a very tiny list: we could make a list of this size for one neighborhood in one urban area for cases within the family every single day. Cases like those above also tend to be the ones which get press and media attention and which are reported at a greater frequency than interfamilial abuse is.


    (And mind, I say this not just as an advocate and an educator, but also as a survivor of mutilple abuses myself, and in my case, the sexual abuse was outside the family.  However, cases like mine and those above still tend to be the exception rather than the rule.)

  • invalid-0

    I agree that it’s more prevalent with family members. My intention was to point out that the more a child is not in the supervision of… say their mother they are more likely to be abused. Every single abuse that happened to me was when I was not being supervised by my mother. She left me alone with my step-dad. I was playing outside and the neighbors coaxed me indoors. My siblings and I were allowed to go alone with extended male family members. I was walking home alone from school alone, etc. I know what all the statistics are, I am a statistic. That’s all I was saying. The headlines are some I grabbed from just the last few days. I know it’s a small sampling. I didn’t say I posted everything from every news source nationwide. I also didn’t cite anything since I wasn’t quoting anyone. I happened to have been abused by my step-father, uncles, 3 different neighbors at three different homes, indecently exposed to twice walking home from school, and then some. I also don’t trust any adults with my children. Kids aren’t safe anywhere. As far as denial goes, I do think parents are in denial about the risks their children face from predators and they need to do everything within their power to help empower their children.

  • sayna

    The announcer says that Obama supports “learning about sex before learning to read.” Well, I hope so. If we are not giving our children age-appropriate education throughout their lives, we are not doing our best to protect them.

    Finally, someone who’s not caught up in the hysteria!

    It seems like everyone is trying to deny or water-down the fact that Obama supports sex ed for young children. Even MoveOn.org said that the McCain campaign was lying when they said he supports sex ed. for kindergarteners. I understand that everyone’s a bit freaked out by having to explain sex to kids, but it seems like people have lost their minds about it. There is nothing wrong with teaching kids about how their bodies work and how it’s not okay for people to touch them without permission. It seems like people, especially those in my parents’ generation, feel like letting kids learn about sex first-hand and through urban legends and schoolyard rumors is just fine. But I really wish somebody had taught me about menstruation earlier! I honestly thought that puberty was this horrible secret that people were keeping from me and that my life would soon be essentially over. Maybe I would have felt less frightened and disgusted if I understood from the beginning that it was a normal part of life and not the end of the world. Nobody taught my great grandma about periods, so when she got hers she started crying and saying goodbye to her friends and family because she thought she was going to die. And maybe all these kids who just let sexual abuse happen because they thought it was okay would have known to tell a responsible adult what was happening so that it couldhave been stopped.

    Teaching kids about sex slowly and gradually helps them to not be so ahamed and afraid of their bodies. I wish someone had taught me at a pace I could understand instead of hurridely and all at once! If anything, it’s not teaching kids about sex that ends up hurting and endangering them.

  • ellen-marshall

    I just heard George Will on This Week discussing the lack of need for kindergartners and other young students to be taught in school about inappropriate touching and other potential abuse.  He noted that children should be taught at home to stay away from strangers.  What Will, and too many others don’t understand is that majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by people the child KNOWS. 

     http://childmolestationprevention.org/ & http://www.nncc.org/Abuse/sex.abuse.html

    So, in addition to perpetrating the misinformation in the McCain ad, Will supports the McCain position with erroneous information.  Opinion is one thing from talking heads and pundits…but it would be so much better for the wellbeing of people if those opinions were based on something real.


    Thanks to Rev. Veazy for his insights here and shedding more light on the issue.

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    I am sorry for everyone who has been molested by family members or other sexual predators in the community, but it is not the responsibility of our Government to educate our children. It is every parents’ responsibility to educate their children. Sexual education is a guise from the political left to continue to support sexual activity among our youth. Our youth need to experience the “pain” of making bad decisions sexually and otherwise, and I do not want to pay my hard earned tax dollars to educate our youth on how to cover up their mistakes. Let them feel the natural pain that comes along with sexual activity outside a fully committed relationship. How else are they to learn? I am not opposed to more strict penalties for sexual offenders. Spend the ab only or sex ed money on what our government should be doing – legislating NOT educating our children.

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      Now I won’t deny the fact that it is a parent’s responsibility to teach their children about bad touching and abuse, but what I will say is what about the children of parents who don’t live up to that responsibility? These children deserve protection too, and when that protection doesn’t come from the parents, then who is left? Do these children not matter? Are they simply sacrifices given up to the predators so that you don’t have to worry about your children learning that sex is not only a privledge offered to heterosexual married couples, but something that can be enjoyed by all consenting adults. As for spending your tax dollars to educate children on how to cover up their mistakes, that’s not what this is about. It’s about true education to teach them about their bodies and how they work. It’s to teach them that if they get into situations other than those that the religious right deem okay, that there are still ways that they can protect themselves, and it’s about teaching them that relationships and sexuality are not one size fits all, and if they happen to not fit into that small absolute of heterosexual wait until marriage types, that it’s okay, they’re not dirty, they’re not worthless, and they still have value as human beings. In regards to how are children to learn, I certainly hope it’s not through being raped because they didn’t know it was okay to say no to an adult. I hope it’s not through the misguided information they would receive from their peers. And I hope it’s not from the same small minded individuals who would teach them that menstruation and childbirth are a punishment, and that sex shouldn’t be enjoyed as a way to bring a couple closer together, or simply a natural part of existance. I want my children to learn correct medical information on what is happening to their bodies, the means to protect themselves from predators, and that it’s okay if they’re different, and more than that, I think all children deserve to know this highly useful information whether they learn it from their parents or from the government.

  • invalid-0

    I agree 100% with “Truth Returns.” I graduated high school 16 years ago and our sex education program started in 5th grade with education on puberty and then later on in middle school and high school in health class on safe sex. What a joke! There is no safe sex. Sex outside of marriage is not “safe” and it is not in God’s plan for our lives. We should be teaching our children from an early age about privates and what to do if someone tries to break those boundaries. And as time goes on, parents should continue to have an open dialogue with their children about sex. If parents don’t teach their children, their children will learn from someone else. Also, sex education in high school made everyone in class think, “we’re not supposed to, but in case we mess up (and we probably will), at least we know what to do.” How is that teaching our youth that they can make a decision and stick to it!?

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    “It is every parents’ responsibility to educate their children.”

    So 1 out of 4 girls, 1 out of 10 boys is sexually molested before puberty and most often this takes place within the home. Often the person doing the abusing IS a parent or other relative. It’s common as dirt and destroys lives. What you’re saying isn’t even minimally responsive to the actual children or problem and it’s impossible to take you seriously. Why not just say that you could care less about the suffering and damage of childhood sexual abuse and have nothing constructive to add to the discussion?

  • invalid-0

    The education should not be for the children who may be molested, but for the offenders and potential offenders about what will happen to them if they choose this type of behavior. Don’t try and make Sex Education out to be a cure for petafilia. We all know that Sex Education is designed by the political left to make having sex “okay” and to teach kids how to “cover up” the natural consequences associated with this behavior. To make this argument about saving the sexually molested children is very disrespectful to those children who have been molested. Protect our children by making them aware that they shouldn’t be touched there by anyone except maybe a doctor with a parent/guardian present when getting a physical. This protection doesn’t have to be a lengthy Sex Ed class about condoms, abortion, STI prevention, etc… You could have a police officer visit your kindergarten class and explain what the child should do if ever in a position where an adult is “touching” them – simple and since we already pay police officers with our tax money it’s already funded.

    The Sex Ed argument is a classic leftist agenda for spreading immoral activity.

    Vote to legislate laws that make sentences for offenders more strict.

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  • invalid-0

    “You could have a police officer visit your kindergarten class and explain what the child should do if ever in a position where an adult is “touching” them”

    I take it you are now in support of Obama’s position since in your statement you are advocating age appropriate sex ed in kindergarten just as Obama does. I don’t understand why we need to pull police officers off of crime prevention when the teacher can do the same thing though. As to your statement about funding, that isn’t even the issue in this blog or in McCain’s ad, but if wasted funding concerns you then you must also be against all of the extra money being spent on abstinence-only programs which have been proven to be ineffective.

  • invalid-0

    are ineffective – we are a sex crazed society. The beauty of Ab-Only is that you are teaching the children the truth and truly loving them by explaining what can happen. There are still going to be kids that have to experience it for themselves and that can be good too. It was for me…

    Again, the core of the problem is lack of moral dignity in this country so until we solve the real problem no education is going to work. I agree with teaching 3-5yr olds about “good touch vs. bad touch” (ideally parents should teach this in the home) but I don’t think we have a right to teach children about ways to prevent natural consequences of their actions. We should educate them on why they should wait until they are in a fully committed relationship to have sex because that would be better for the potential baby. I am not for teaching them how to prevent pregnancies because they need to learn that there are grave consequences for actions that are not well thought through.

    I was 16 when my son was born and had no help from anyone. I figured it out, and in this opportunistic country it can be done if you want it badly enough. If we stop giving people excuses and band aids for their decisions (over time) society will change because people will see the negative consequences for negative behaviors. The problem is that Obama and the like encourage immoral behaviors and so (of course) they want “quick-fixes” for the problems caused by this behavior. It doesn’t make it right.

  • invalid-0

    Wow, it figures that you would have had a child at 16 since you are always trying to “judge others” and their behavior.

    LADY, you need to look at your own life before you “judge others” with bible scriptures and what not, because clearly you are no saint.

  • truth

    How have I judged anyone? I don’t know their hearts? I have only stated truths, and since when do you have to be perfect to state truth.

  • invalid-0

    I cannot remember the specific Blog, but you clearly judged a woman who was telling her story about having an Abortion in her native Portugal. Clearly, as I stated you are in no position to “Judge” anyone. So seriously Lady, you should take your “holier than thou attitude” somewhere else.
    Many of us, myself included did not have sex as a teenager because we knew of the possible (negative) consequences of doing so. I definitely had no interest in being a teenage mother. So seriously, stop judging everyone!

  • truth

    What is your definition of judging? I have judged no one – in fact – this is impossible since I am only human. The woman from portugal had an abortion and was trying to be happy about it, and I provided some biblical passages showing that Jesus/God are not advocates of murdering babies.

  • invalid-0

    “How have I judged anyone?”

    Well, this is the moment I stopped taking anything you have to say seriously. It’s not just the shallow judgment it’s the lying and the grotesque stereotyping. Here is where you tell any reader that there is absolutely no point in further discussion

    “We all know that Sex Education is designed by the political left to make having sex “okay” and to teach kids how to “cover up” the natural consequences associated with this behavior”

  • sayna

    Claiming that only you have access to the exclusive “TRUTH” and that everyone else is wrong and foolish is judgemental.

    And besides, what you just said about the woman was judgemental. You called her a murderer and dismissed her feelings as invalid by saying that she was “trying” to be happy. If you can’t see what’s so arrogant and judgemental about that you’re obviously too deluded to care.

  • truth

    just not their souls. Abortion is instrinsically evil so, of course, we have to judge it as wrong. The reason I said she was "trying" to be happy is because it is pretty obvious she has made her entire existence about making up for that one very grave mistake in her past. She needs to confront it head-on and ask for forgiveness or she will forever be searching like other women who have terminated a life force within their own body. Can you imagine the pain this causes? To oppose forces greater than yourself and constantly be haunted by them. The Portugal woman is definitely in pain, but it’s not because of anything I said or did – that’s for sure. Again, we all judge every day – we have to. If we didn’t judge then we would be walking into other people, getting hit by cars, etc. We have to judge the distance between objects and their depth, etc. In the same way, we judge people’s actions as "right" or "wrong" and then tell them (if we truly love them). What we cannot do under any circumstances (because we do not know) is whether they will be condemned or not. This is only for one Judge to determine. Hate the sin; Love the sinner. Talk to someone who has had an abortion and you will see, but don’t listen to their words – those are sometimes irrelevant. Instead, listen to their heart. They are calling out for someone to tell them what they have done because it is too difficult to face. Help them to face it not hide from it. Then and only then can true healing occur.

  • invalid-0

    WOW…the blathering ignorance is astonishing. Of course, the highest frequency of victims were molested by those close to them. So do you really expect those kinds of parents to have the kinds of rational talks you’re espousing. Where are the many thousands of potential victims of familial abuse supposed to get their information from? This kind of abuse is frequently scattered family wide, so often aunts, uncles and cousins may not be any better equipped to help. “Forcing” people to be better parents would be the real invasion so the only solution is to train children to take control of their own bodies.

    A comprehensive and age appropriate education program will make the most basic human information available to anyone. Teaching…or rather preaching…your values about how and when it should be willingly engaged in is a different matter but the basic biology and rights to privacy for ones private parts shouldn’t be a big hush hush secret. If one refuses to separate the physical from the emotional (or spiritual, if you must) you do a disservice to children. Kids seek out sex because of hormones but also because of this romanticized spiritual notion associated with sex. One can certainly feel transcended when the committed relationship is right, but glossing over both the pleasant and unpleasant realities of sexual intercourse only serves to paint an incomplete picture. It sets children up to be disappointed at the awkward road it truly is until you become proficient with your spouse. The answer is to de-mystify sex entirely…take the cookie jar down from the top shelf. Show children, at appropriate ages, exactly what happens in a clinical context before they become curious.

    This will:
    1. Allow them to understand what the sexual act is in it’s simple, biological form so they can be on a solid educational footing.
    2. With this education in hand they will be able to better identify when they are being taken advantage of.
    3. Know the “icky” side of sex along with the wonderful side so they can make informed decisions.

    Abstenance only is a dismal failure and amounts to nothing more than ones head in the sand. It is immensely evident that we cannot generally count on parents to provide ample and accurate information so something must be done int he public sector. “Just say no” failed just as spectacularly because of its childish simplicity. Our children shouldn’t be fettered by our own childish inhibitions.

  • invalid-0

    I’ll do the sex education at home.
    It is premature for this to be taught at 5 and 6 years old.
    Sure – you can teach your kids to not trust strangers. You should also teach them to not trust the teachers (both boys and girls). Obama is shooting his mouth off. He is not and does not represent mainstream america. He sits in a church of racists for 20+ years “and doesn’t hear anything” ??

    Who is he kidding?
    Not me.

  • invalid-0

    Yeah, thats what we want in the rest of the USA, a teen pregnancy rate like the black community. 70% of Black children born out of wedlock. Fix your own culture before you try and foist that wisdom upon sane people.


  • heather-corinna

    In light of this discussion and a handful of others like it here, I just wanted to shoot out a reading recommendation.


    Kristin Luker’s "When Sex Goes to School" is an incredible book about both the history of sex education in the U.S. (which, if you don’t know is very interesting stuff) and the progressive and conservative divides on the topic, now and in the past. It’s based in two decades of research and interviews, and she is sympathetic to the views of both "sides," in the book, and also draws some really interesting conclusions.


    No matter where you stand, and whether you’re at a pole or in the middle, I think it’s a really helpful piece of work — and very engaging: it’s not academically dry, even though it is academically sound — when it comes to understanding the differing positions on this.


  • invalid-0

    “Yeah, thats what we want in the rest of the USA, a teen pregnancy rate like the black community.”

    Social conservative logic:

    Bristol Palin and her sainted mother = examples to us all

    black folks = the white man’s burden

    You know nothing about this man’s work, Timmy. We however, know more than we would like about you. And abstinence only sex education remains completely ineffective.

  • invalid-0

    The tooth fairy will leave you nickels,Santa will bring us our heart’s desires and Barack Obama isnt just another self serving Politico,saying and doing whatever the masses want to hear…whatever…

  • invalid-0

    This discussion has me shaking my head. It’s starts with reasoned debate, then by the end disintegrates into the same old irresponsible mud slinging and name calling you find on playgrounds. I can’t believe so many people still live in the Dark Ages. I’m pretty sure God is shaking His head, too. He gave us free will, and the brains to use it. Too bad so many would rather stick their own heads in the sand. Abstinence is a fine idea. Unfortunately, it’s not realistic to expect young people (or any people) to always just say no. Better to educate them all the way around. Ignorance is not bliss. It leads to unwanted pregnancy and disease. If you don’t believe in ABORTION you sure as hell better believe in SEX EDUCATION and BIRTH CONTROL. It’s simple mathematics. Like trying to fund a $600 billion war on tax cuts.

  • invalid-0

    Education should be based on facts, not morals. The rates of teen pregnancy, STDs and sex crimes in America (which are terrible in compairison to countries who have widespread Sex Ed) proove that our children need to know the facts about sex.

    I understand if you personally believe that sex should only happen within marriage but you have no right to force such a belief on others OR neglect to educate people on the facts due to your beilefs. School can teach the fact. Apply your morals at home.

    I like that you are so convinced that teaching kids about harmful touching and later on about STDs and protection is some sort of propeganda to promote sex. No, it is an EDUCATION. We cannot teach our children around what you believe in outside of scientific fact. It’s the same reason that religion must be kept out of science classes- religion and science have no relationship whatsoever. I am not saying that science disproves faith, I am saying that faith is a sepereate entity from science and while you can believe that God is responsible for chemical reactions, there is no proof for that. There is only the chemical reaction happening; that is what should be taught.

    When the parents of this country can’t be trusted to teach their children about sex, the education system should step in and do it. Sex is a natural event, religious or not, and nearly everyone has it at some point or another. Anything that occurs to nearly all of the population is something that our children should learn the facts about in an educational setting.

    As said, apply your morals when they get off of the school bus.

  • invalid-0

    at this time it seems the schools are failing miserably at teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Sex is not a multiple choice subject. Reporting inappropriate touching and avoidance of strangers absolutely. They will spend enough time thinking of sex in their later years. Just let them be Kids

  • invalid-0

    I completely agree with this comment. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I will add though that this whole line of discussion just adds to my list of the pro’s of homeschooling.

    Educating adults through media advertising and presentations at WIC, by churches, etc… should be the means to do so.

  • invalid-0

    I was an abused child too. It was confusing, but I honestly don’t think that some stranger at school teaching me about sex and good touch bad touch would have helped the situation – kids will still be sexually abused and confused, threatened, afraid, embarrassed and manipulated. You can say it will help prevent abuse but……..

    the kids have all been taught a lot more about sex in school than when I was in high school – has it prevented anything?
    Are they not be abused as much – not getting pregnant as much? Are htey having more abortions now than they did then? More teenage pregnancy – I think so!

    who are these great teachers of sex education that have helped kids prevent all these things?

    It’s all horrible and I wish we could stop all people from making bad choices, but public schools can bearly teach the kids how to read – and have often enough fail at that – which some would say is their first priority. The teachers are overloaded and they are supposed to take on sensitive subjects like sex education for grade school? OH PLEASE – I’m sure they will excel at that too – I can not imagine how confused all the kids will be after their kinder-sex class maybe we can combine it in a lesson while reading Jack and Jill.

  • http://www.automatedfitness.com/ invalid-0

    This is by far one of the more complicated subjects that we see here…obviously the thought of teaching sex education is uncomfortable, especially for young children. However, the problem is that we think we’ll wait until later to start the talk and keep putting it off.

  • truth

    Obama and his flesh loving zombie followers want full control of everything – especially the education of our children. Obama is a Universalist, translated means that he wants to bring the U.S. into the One World Government – the U.N. If you read the U.N.s philosophical writings (you can find them on the internet) that were mostly written by Satanists. You will find that they hate for the children to be taught in the home because they have to "…re-program the children…" That is why they would love for us to put our children in pre-school at 3yrs old so they can begin the process as early as possible. Think about how much Obama and his people hate religion – have you even heard of an incumbent mocking the Bible? Now is the time to pull back from the government – wholeheartedly! They already have too much control, and in the wrong places – we are a country will no morals and these types of programs to "teach" our children will only become worse – watch!

    • invalid-0

      The Rapture is coming, Truth! Better have your tin foil hat ready.

  • invalid-0

    Geesh….you’ve really gone over the edge with this latest rant. Please, stick to the subject and cite sources for all of your outlandish claims. If nothing else, your post was good for a laugh during a particularly stressful Friday afternoon at work today.

  • http://www.muki.asia invalid-0

    It hurts to read your blog because I know that it is a true and bad story to abuse children. I know myself a women who was abused by her uncle as a child. I think we cannot imagine how hard it is for a child after such violent act.

  • http://www.thailandfotos.com invalid-0

    Sex should be something natural to us and it is only the question how we teach our children about it. We cannot explain them in the same way what sex is as we do with grown ups. But it should be normal that children can handle with it.

  • invalid-0

    Some of the comments (Timmy and “Truth” in particular) were so illogical and off-base it was just funny to read. Thank you so much for the cheap entertainment. I know a lot of people wish this kind of thinking would just disappear, but in all honesty, it does provide a well needed laugh every once and awhile.

    Truth- I believe I followed your illogcal ramblings for the most part, but trust me, it was hard. Do you honestly believe your own BS? Reread what you wrote- “Our youth need to experience the “pain” of making bad decisions sexually and otherwise, and I do not want to pay my hard earned tax dollars to educate our youth on how to cover up their mistakes. Let them feel the natural pain that comes along with sexual activity outside a fully committed relationship.”
    How does teaching young children that their private parts are not to be touched by anyone equate “covering up their mistakes”? Because really- that is the subject at hand. Teaching little ones how to recognize inappropriate touching– not how to put a condom on a banana. You are taking a topic and completely running off the deep end.

    However, if you want to go to “teen” sex ed, I will certainly argue those points with you as well. How is teaching students about STDs and the very real possibility of pregnancy helping them “cover up their mistakes?” In truth (the actually truth- not the one you speak of), this helps them AVOID those mistakes- not cover them up. HUGE difference. The better educated they are on a particular subject, the more equiped they are to make the best decision. If “morals” doesn’t stop them for going down the sexual experience road, I certainly think a healthy dose of STD education will make them think twice.

    You would think that you would be the first person in line to get rid of the failing ab-only education, not only because you yourself did not abstain from sex as a teenager and obviously know how real those consequences are, but mostly for the concern of your “wasted tax dollars.”

  • invalid-0

    Actually, its surprising at the kind of education some sex ed programs advocate for. It is not just about teaching students about bad touches, but about giving them more information than just innapropriate touches.

    Also, at what point do we expect school’s to take over all the parenting responsibilities, just because some parents don’t do their job? If we allow schools to do the parenting for us, at what point does it end?

    It is also difficult to teach a child the opposite of something they have already been taught. Psychologists think that when something has been learned, it takes three repetitions of the opposite opinion to reverse the previous learning. So if a school is teaching children that sex is okay if its safe, are we then making it harder for parents to teach their children that abstinence is what they believe in, morally? And then, aren’t we really interfearing in their ability to parent.

    And in terms of giving parents the right to take their kids out of sex ed, lets face it–its not always going to work out well. Schools frequently don’t get the information out in time (this happened in a city in Minnesota, and its not uncommon). Also, students may feel a lot of pressure not to be pulled out of a class by teachers or especially their peers. And, schools may not provide enough clear and detailed information for parents to make an informed decision on whether they want their student to be in the class.

    Basically, for me this is not an issue on whether or not children should have a sex education–of course they should. Not knowing about sex is like not knowing about math. You just need to know. But for me the question is–who should be teaching it? I believe its a parenting issue, and not an issue for the schools.

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    Insightful post. I have to admit, when I first started reading it I was against early sex education, but after reading a few of the comments posted, I can understand the merit of such an argument. I suppose I would like to say that sex education should be left up to the parents, but as you noted, parents don’t always do such a good job of teaching their kids… or they send them the wrong message.

  • http://herbiemichael.com invalid-0

    Great perspective and discussion going on here. I agree, giving our children age-appropriate education is very important. In terms of the McCain attack it was, in my opinion, wrong. Kids must be in the position to get the best and most appropriate education out there and there is a need for change right now.

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    It is amazing how grown up handle sex. Once I read a book which describe that girls in Babylonia had to have there first sex in a temple with a stranger who paid for it (to the temple). And how did this changed till now?! I don´t mean that I support the convention of Babylonia but our society changed to the other extreme. Sex should be something natural and this we have to learn our children in “their language”.