VIDEO: The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Asks GOP About Choice

The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee can’t quite find the right word, and neither can delegates to the GOP convention. If they can’t say it, it’s fair to suggest they won’t uphold it.

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    Yeah, pregnancy is personal & private, & politics should stay out of it – until someone wants to do something religious bigots don’t want you to do.

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      Government should generally stay out of people’s lives. But, aside from anarchists, just about everyone, on all sides of the political divide, agrees that one role of government is to enact and enforce laws, one of the most basic of which is the prohibition against killing innocent people.
      The issue therefore is whether an unborn child is a person.
      That “something” that “religious bigots don’t want them to do” is the killing of an innocent baby human being.

  • harry834

    It’s in response to Bill O’Reilly claiming that he is NOT a hypocritite for supporting Palin family’s preganancy, while condemning the Spears family for Jaime Lynne.

    The organized, charted-out version is here.

    My earlier post, all the same info is here. It also gives Bill some credit for challenging one of his critics (when I say "credit", I mean that they asked a question she was clearly trying to avoid, and I think she failed in that regard. However, this is not to say Bill is right. read my posts for the answers!) 

    Have fun reading me!….

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    I guess heavy editing makes these types of videos funnier than they should be. But nevertheless, the point is well taken, which is that in general, the right does have difficulty talking about the “C” word. I guess they are just so conditioned to not use it!

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    Which, is, of course, your personal opinion and choice. But what if government made it illegal to eat meat based on the fact that an animal died?

    In both cases, no matter what government says, it’s still going to happen. And instead of women risking their lives with clothes hangers, let them live their life as they choose to do so. That is what freedom and liberty is about, isn’t it? Not fascism telling us what and where our morals should me